Can JEE application be rejected?

Can JEE application be rejected?

The candidates who are preparing for the JEE Main April 2019 are advised to fill the application only once. The official notice also says that in case of multiple applications all such applications will be rejected, without intimation. Last date to apply for JEE Main April 2019 exam is March 8, 2019.

Is white background photo necessary for JEE mains?

JEE Main Photo Requirements The requirements of the photograph are: The photo should be coloured or black/white with 80\% face (without face mask) visible including ears against a white background. Must have a clear contrast of the image. There is no need to upload the photo having Name and Date on it.

Is it compulsory to have white background?

Answer. Hello, For any entrance exam white background photograph is not compulsory at all. But you need to upload a clear photograph and in the required dimensions also.

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What if I don’t remove discrepancy from my JEE uploaded photo will my form be rejected?

Answer. Yes,your application form will be rejected in case you have not made the correction on time even they have informed you about the discrepancy.

Is white background photo necessary for JEE Mains 2021?

Considering your previous question if this is also for JEE-Main then yes it is necessary as per the information brochure released by NTA for JEE-Main 2021, the photograph which you have to upload in the JEE-Main 2021 application form should be of white background and it should be without mask also.

Can we have black and white photos in JEE mains?

Black and white photography not accepted. Students must comply with following specifications: Name and date should be clearly visible. Blue and white background only accepted.

Is white background photo necessary for CMAT?

Hi Rishav, As per the instructions mentioned by IIM Calcutta, the conducting body for CAT 2018, the photograph should not be more than six months old and should have a White background. If your application form has been submitted with non-white background, you may get your admit card.

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Is it compulsory to take white background photo for passport?

Yes, all applicants need to carry two coloured photographs (size 4.5 x 3.5 cm) with white background. Applicants should affix photographs on the printed copy of the online filled application form.

What type of photo is required for JEE mains?

While filling up the JEE Main registration form, a scanned image of candidate, signature and father’s/ mother’s/ guardian’s signature has to be uploaded. Make sure to keep them ready….JEE Main Photo Sample.

JEE Main Photo Specifications
Format JPEG
File Size 10kb – 200kb
Preferred Background White

What type of photo is required for JEE Main 2021?

Some Points To Remember While Scanning Photograph and Signature for JEE Main 2021. Resolution of the scanner should be minimum 96 dpi (dots per inch) and the color should be set to True Color. The size of the image should be between 10KB and 200KB (passport photo) and 4KB – 30KB (signature) and it should be in .

How to do Photo Correction in JEE Mains application form?

JEE Main photo correction facility can be accessed from candidate login. JEE Main application form with improper images are liable to get rejected. It is thus advised to upload images with the specification provided by NTA. The changes had to be done by candidates as per the requirement.

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What if JEE Mains photo does not have name and date?

According to the NTA, the name of the candidate and date on which the photograph was taken should be mentioned on the photograph uploaded in JEE Main registration form. However, if a candidate missed uploading a photograph that did not carry a name and date, he/she need not worry.

Are spectacles allowed in JEE Mains application form?

Spectacles are allowed only if being regularly used. Polaroid photos are not acceptable. Upload your signature and your guardian’s signature in the appropriate box provided in JEE Main Application Form in running handwriting. Writing full name in capital letters in the given box will NOT be accepted as the signature.

How many photos can I keep in reserve for JEE Mains?

Note: Candidates may keep 6-8 identical photographs in reserve for use at the time of entrance examination, Seat Allocation Process and Admission. JEE Main Photo Sample JEE Main Photo Specifications