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Can Momoshiki breathe in space?

Can Momoshiki breathe in space?

Sakura,Shikamaru,Sai,Hinata,Hanabi Can live in a moon and moon without atmosphere. Or even momoshiki kinshiki and Urashiki who can be in space. But Address of Naruto is dimension not universe. Or that Kaguya created a dimension For able to breathe in space .

Who is stronger Might Guy or Sakura?

All of this would undoubtedly make Might Guy a very tough opponent for Sakura, but her intellect is what gives her the advantage. Sakura’s strength and stamina mean she could keep Guy busy until his chakra runs out, allowing her to make the winning move.

Does Sakura have her own jutsu?

The pinnacle of medical-ninjutsu and regeneration/healing technique. Since it’s extremely rare and challenging to study, Tsunade and Sakura are the only ones who had mastered this jutsu. At least that five strongest jutsu of her shows her abilities as a medical-nin who can always think fast and while being tactical!

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Can Luffy breathe in space?

His mini-series suggests he does not need to breathe and can survive outside of the atmosphere. However, his electricity-based powers have no effect on certain substances such as rubber, making Luffy a formidable enemy, as he is immune to Enel’s powers.

Can Naruto breathe outer space?

It has a weak gravity, but is still able to maintain a breathable atmosphere . Since it has breathable atmosphere, so that’s why Naruto didn’t used any technique or something else.

Who has Sakura beaten?

Naruto: 10 Strongest Opponents Sakura Has Fought

  1. 1 Kaguya Otsutsuki. Kaguya Otsutsuki, also known to be the strongest character in all of Naruto, was the final villain in Kishimoto’s story.
  2. 2 Madara Uchiha.
  3. 3 Shin Uchiha.
  4. 4 Sasori.
  5. 5 Tsunade Senju.
  6. 6 Kakashi Hatake.
  7. 7 Ten-Tails.
  8. 8 Zetsu.

Can Sakura do mitotic regeneration?

7 Sakura Could Use Mitotic Regeneration To Heal Herself Instantly. However, this technique was a tough one to master and could only be activated by releasing the Hundred Healings Seal, for which Sakura had to practice extremely delicate chakra control to be able to achieve.

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Is Naruto planetary level?

Naruto is definitely not planet level in any shape or form. Hell even moon level is a way upper range estimate. People state Naruto to be at moon level because he quite easily tanked Toneri’s attack that split the moon.