Can my mom take my phone if my dad pays for it?

Can my mom take my phone if my dad pays for it?

Absolutely, yes. Long answer: As long as you are a minor, your parents are responsible for you. This includes your behavior, your appearance, and your belongings. So yes, they can take away anything at any time, whether you paid for it or not.

Can my mom not let me see my dad?

Your mother may have full custody, but unless there’s something you’re not telling me, there is a court order that gives your father visitation rights with you and your siblings. If your mother prevents you from seeing him, she is in violation of that court order.

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Why do my parents take my phone away for no reason?

Your parents may decide to take your phone away because you have abused your phone privileges. They may also decide to take your phone away as a punishment for a different mistake.

Can I choose to live with my dad at 15?

At 15, you have the legal right to choose. If that right hasn’t been offered, then that means the courts have decided that you are not safe with the mother. In that case they can override your wish and your father is your legal guardian until you turn 18.

Can my parents look through my phone if I’m 18?

So realistically, if the phone was a gift to you by your parents before you were an adult, since you are now an adult you have a right to privacy in all your affairs, including your mobile phone.

How do I know if my dad left a will?

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To determine if your father left a will, you can contact his attorney, executor, or the applicable probate court. You should also check your father’s records and see if he kept a copy of the will. If he has left you anything, it should be written in the will.

Can a parent leave a child out of a Will UK?

In theory, yes, you can disinherit your adult children. The basic rule in English law is that a testator may leave their money and property to whomever they wish. This principle is referred to as “testamentary freedom”.