How long was Australia involved in the Vietnam War?

How long was Australia involved in the Vietnam War?

ten and a half years
In December 1972 they became the last Australian troops to come home, with their unit having seen continuous service in South Vietnam for ten and a half years. Australia’s participation in the war was formally declared at an end when the Governor-General issued a proclamation on 11 January 1973.

Why Australia joined the Vietnam War?

The Australian government committed troops to the Vietnam War in 1965. Australia’s involvement in Vietnam was driven by a fear of communist expansion in Asia and the government’s desire to align itself with the United States.

Did Australia draft for Vietnam?

From 1962 to 1973, more than 60,000 Australians served in the Vietnam War. They were part of an allied force led by the United States. In 1964, the National Service Act introduced a scheme of selective conscription in Australia, designed to create an army of 40,000 full-time soldiers.

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How many Australian SAS died in Vietnam?

In a six-year period the Australian and New Zealand SAS in Vietnam conducted nearly 1,200 patrols and inflicted heavy casualties on the Viet Cong, including 492 killed, 106 possibly killed, 47 wounded, 10 possibly wounded and 11 prisoners captured.

How many Australian conscripts served in Vietnam?

In total approximately 60,000 Australians—ground troops, air-force and naval personnel—served in Vietnam between 1962 and 1972. 521 died as a result of the war and over 3,000 were wounded. 15,381 conscripted national servicemen served from 1965 to 1972, sustaining 202 killed and 1,279 wounded.

How many Australians died in Gallipoli?

By the time the campaign ended, more than 130,000 men had died: at least 87,000 Ottoman soldiers and 44,000 Allied soldiers, including more than 8700 Australians.

How were Australian soldiers treated when returned from Vietnam?

For the first time in Australian history, the nation’s troops received no universal embrace when they returned home. When that long war ended for Australia in 1972, Vietnam veterans were given no welcome home march. No cheering, no bunting.

Were Australian men forced to fight in Vietnam?

Throughout the war almost 60,000 Australians served in Vietnam, but not all of them volunteered. Many were conscripted, which means they were forced to go through a giant nationwide lottery. Any 20-year-old men in the country could be picked, if their birthday was drawn in the draft. Some Australians were against that.

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Are there female SAS soldiers Australia?

Women have been able to serve with the SAS after transferring from covert surveillance units – such as the Special Reconnaissance Regiment – since 2018. A handful have even donned the regiment’s iconic badge: a winged dagger with the motto ‘Who Dares Wins’.

Was SAS in Vietnam?

Yes the British & Austrailian SAS served in Vietnam doing clandestine & covert operations with the Green Berets.

Which country lost the most soldiers at Gallipoli?

The Gallipoli campaign was a costly failure for the Allies, with an estimated 27,000 French, and 115,000 British and dominion troops (Great Britain and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Newfoundland) killed or wounded. Over half these casualties (73,485) were British and Irish troops.

Who won Gallipoli?

The Gallipoli Campaign cost the Allies 187,959 killed and wounded and the Turks 161,828. Gallipoli proved to be the Turks’ greatest victory of the war.

What role did Australia play in the Vietnam War?

In summary, Australian army played a support role for the U.S. army in Vietnam War. They provided their tactical experience for the U.S. in the early years while after sending their troops, Australian forces helped the U.S. controlled Phuoc Tuy province, but did not involved so much in U.S.’s major strategies.

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What are countries involved in the Vietnam War?


  • Japan
  • The United Kingdom (members of Allied Control Commission (ACC))
  • India (members of ACC)
  • Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam)
  • Soviet Union
  • People’s Republic of China
  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • Laos (Kingdom of Laos and Pathet Lao)
  • How many US soldiers were in Vietnam?

    The American Soldier in Vietnam M ore than 2.5 million American men served in Vietnam during the war. Some of these men were career military officers. But many others were poor or working-class teenagers who enlisted or were drafted into the military right out of high school.

    What happened to Australia during World War 2?

    During World War II, Australia faced the threat of a Japanese invasion. After World War II ended, a new enemy threatened to invade Australia: the communists. Many Australian prime ministers had recognised the need for Australia to populate or perish.