How much electricity does a 3 HP motor use?

How much electricity does a 3 HP motor use?

Unit consumed = Power in kW X numbers of hours of operation. = 59.76 units. Hence units burnt (consumed) by 3 HP motor in 24 hours will be 59.76, if the motor efficiency is 90\% and motor is fully loaded. In actual, motor load will be less than full load and units consumed will be less accordingly.

How many amps does a 3 HP single phase motor draw?


HP 1 Phase Amps 3 Phase Amps
115 volt 575 volt
3 34 3.9
5 56 6.1
7-1/2 80 9

How many units of electricity will be consumed if we run a 3 HP 1 phase motors for 24 hours?

So, 1 HP for 24 hour = 746×24= 17904 Watt-hour which is equal to 17904/1000= 17.904 units. Hence, 17.904 units of Power will be consumed by the 1 HP motor when run continuously for 24 hours. Edit 1: In above solution, it has been assumed that mechanical output is equal to the electrical input (No Losses).

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Can you run a 3 hp motor in single phase?

Essentially all you need to do is wire the single phase power to the input side of your variable frequency drive and then wire the three phase power of your motor to the output section of the drive. That’s it!

How do you calculate amps in a 3 phase circuit?

Divide the power consumption in watts by the line voltage multiplied by the power factor to find the amperage. For three phase circuits the power factor is the square root of 3. If your calculator doesn’t have a square root function, use 1.73 as an approximation of the square root of 3.

How do you calculate 3 phase current?

Summary. By remembering that a three phase power (kW or kVA) is simply three times the single phase power, any three phase problem can be simplified. Divide kW by the power factor to get the kVA. VA is simply the current times the voltage, so knowing this and the voltage can give the current.

How much electricity is consumed if I run a 1 hp motor in 3 phase for 1 hour?

Electrical Input Power = (Output Power/Efficiency). Assuming 90\% efficiency, Input Power = 0.746/0.9 = 0.83kW. So, the consumed units of electricity = Power in kW X numbers of hours of operation = 0.83 units (assuming the motor is running for an hour).

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How many amps is a single phase?

For a normal, single-phase power supply at 240 volts, the maximum current would be 100 amps.

Why do we use 1.73 for three phase?

In a three phase circuit, the use of the constant 1.732 results from the fact that not all three phases are producing the same amount of power at the same time. Suffice it to say that the correct power from a three-phase system at any point in time is found by multiplying by the square root of 3.

How do you calculate 3 phase energy consumption?

Calculate three-phase motor power consumption by multiplying amps by volts by the square root of three (W = AV(sqrt 3). For example, if the motor is drawing 30 amps at 250 volts, you have 30 x 250 x sqrt 3 (about 1.73) = 12,975 watts).

How to calculate the power consumption of 3 phase 30hp motor?

Calculate the total power consumption of the 3 Phase 30HP motor is operating for 38 days at 70\% of the full load and the motor is operated at 14 hours per day. For calculating electricity bill just multiply the total power consumed by the motor with the per kWh price.

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How many amps does a single phase motor take?

Look at the table the 1 hp motor takes will be 1.3 A at 440 Volts three-phase at the same time while using single-phase it takes only 3.8 Amps. Also 5 HP three-phase motor takes 6.4 Amps. In practically the current rating may change and which is based in the manufactured standard as well as the what grade copper they are using to winding the motor.

How do you calculate power consumption of electric motor?

Electric Motor power consumption Formula: The total power consumption E (kWh) is equal to 0.746 times of multiplication of total operating hours t (h) in hour, the rated power P (HP) in HP and the X percentage of the load. E (kWh) = 0.746 * P (HP) * X * t (h) Total Power consumption = 0.746 * Horsepower * load percentage * Operating Hours.

How much power does a 5 hp motor use?

1 Horsepower is equal to 745.7 watts of electrical power, so in theory a 5HP motor operating at 100\% efficiency will consume about 3.728kW of power. In one hour, it will use 3728.5 kilowatt-hours. Of course, no motor is 100\% efficiency, so the motor will actually consume somewhat more power than this. Click to see full answer