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Is DesignHill good for designers?

Is DesignHill good for designers?

“Great marketplace for creatives” As a designer, from my own experience I can say that DesignHill is one of the best services so far! I offers great opportunities and has many advantages. One can choose from two different options: crowdsourcing and one-to-one.

Is 99 designs good for designers?

“99designs is one of the best logo design firms and will result in you getting a bunch of high-quality designs to choose from. However, it’s simply too expensive and time consuming. I’ve had better luck and much faster turnaround using a more affordable unlimited design service like Kimp.

Is DesignHill expensive?

Designhill is a good service that largely does what it sets out to do….Reviews and expert opinion Designhill.


Is DesignCrowd legit or not?

Since DesignCrowd is a community-based site, some designers will be better than others. I have yet to find any designers I think are actually “bad,” but obviously, you’re not going to be in love with every logo you receive. The way DesignCrowd makes up for this is by offering a “Top Designers” add-on.

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Is 99designs good for beginners?

99Designs is great if you’re a beginner and you need a portfolio. You can go for every contest for which you think you might make something great. If you don’t win the price you can always take your designs to your portfolio profile.

Why is 99designs bad?

Bad for the design industry The way 99designs and similar site’s model is built anyone can contribute designs. Consequently, there is flood of inferior designs that drown out the good entries. There is also the problem of stealing and stock designs. A lot of designs on the site are basically stolen.

Is 99designs safe Quora?

With 99designs it is and there’s no such guarantee or safeguard in place.