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Is studying in Germany difficult?

Is studying in Germany difficult?

German is an incredibly difficult language to learn, with a very different grammatical structure than English. Many Germans (especially German university students) actually really want to practice their English, but it is a weird thought to have: “Is this person only meeting me to improve their English?”

What is studying in Germany like?

Germans appreciate hard work, perfectionism, and precision, which is why they might seem antisocial at first, but once you get to know them you will find they are actually quite friendly. Germans are very welcoming of international students, so you do not have to worry about the comfort you will be provided with.

What percentage of black students study abroad?

According to Institute of International Education, only 5.6 percent of students studying abroad are black. While this statistic represents the current status of diversity in study abroad programs, you shouldn’t shy away from making the most of this life-enhancing opportunity.

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Is it good idea to study in Germany?

This Western European country is one of the best options for studying abroad, due to numerous factors, such as its world-class education, affordability, beautiful culture and rich history. Thousands of international students head to Germany every year, making it a diverse international student hub.

What are the cons of studying in Germany?


  • BUREAUCRACY. The stereotypes of the rule-abiding Germans and the redundancy of German bureaucracy are true.
  • EXAMS.

What happens if you fail an exam in Germany?

German universities will usually ex-matriculate a student after three failed attempts at an examination. Some universities or at least some faculties offer an oral test after the second attempt to avoid a fail. If you however fail in the oral test, you have to take the third and final try.

Where do most students study abroad?

An overwhelming majority of U.S. study abroad takes place in Europe with 44 percent of students studying in just five countries, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and Ireland.

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Is studying abroad in high school worth it?

Studying abroad while in high school is a great thing to be able to include on your resume and college applications. Studying abroad shows independence, motivation, and a desire to have new experiences and meet new people, all qualities that employers and college admissions officers like to see.

What are the benefits of studying in Germany?

7 Perks of Studying in Germany

  • No tuition fees at public universities in Germany.
  • Excellent higher education staff members and infrastructure.
  • Internationally recognized degrees.
  • Study programs taught in English.
  • Great job opportunities.
  • A chance to explore all aspects of life in Germany.
  • Staying in Germany after your studies.

Is Germany safe at night?

Is Germany safe at night? Yes, most of Germany is safe at night. While there are always some places that turn sketchier at night, you won’t have to worry too much.