What is the difference between NetSuite and OpenAir?

What is the difference between NetSuite and OpenAir?

While OpenAir does allow you to add custom fields and scripts, it doesn’t compare to the customization capabilities of NetSuite SRP. Because NetSuite SRP is part of the world-class NetSuite Platform, you can leverage Suite Solutions to enhance or automate almost every aspect of your professional services application.

What is OpenAir com?

As the leading Cloud PSA solution, OpenAir provides users with the ability to enter timesheets and approvals online, anytime, anywhere, using a standard browser and an internet connection. With OpenAir Mobile, users can stay connected, even while on the road.

What is PSA OpenAir?

What is OpenAir PSA? NetSuite OpenAir professional services automation (PSA) software empowers your entire professional services business to gain real-time insights, increase project profitability and maximize billable resource utilization to make informed, data-driven decisions from a single, cloud-based platform.

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When did NetSuite buy OpenAir?

Oracle announced that it will acquire NetSuite and it’s OneWorld ERP product at the end of July 2016 for approximately $9.3 billion.

Who owns OpenAir?

OpenAir Inc/Parent organizations

Who owns net suite?

Oracle Corporation
NetSuite/Parent organizations
In 2016, Oracle officially acquired NetSuite, with the companies merging its combined resources to serve small to midsize businesses and global enterprises effectively. Today, NetSuite provides its software to more than 21,000 companies and organizations in over 200 countries and territories.

Should open air be hyphenated?

When compound nouns function as adjectives, they are normally hyphenated. Compare the following: ‘The afternoon was so hot that I decided to go to the open-air swimming pool. I love to eat in the open air in the summer.

How do I delete timesheet OpenAir?

To delete a Time type: Click on Account > Time types > [Name of time type],” then click on the “Delete” button at the bottom of the “Edit— [Name of time type]” dialog.

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How do I create a task in OpenAir?

To create a new task: Click on the Projects task, then on the name of the project, and then select “Task” from the “Create…” drop-down menu. You must fill in the ID and name fields in the “New task” dialog box (Figure 6.2. 3). You can enter the number of “Planned hours” the task will take.

What database does NetSuite use?

Although NetSuite has always been built on Oracle’s database, it has only been using the database for physical storage. (Salesforce takes a similar approach.) NetSuite built all of its administration and provisioning tools, including multitenant management, on top of the database.

What is the purpose of NetSuite?

Companies use NetSuite for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and to manage inventory, track their financials, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This flexible platform can be applied to a range of business applications.