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What is the main purpose of industrial training?

What is the main purpose of industrial training?

The objective of industrial training is to provide to students the feel of the actual working environment and to gain practical knowledge and skills, which in turn will motivate, develop and build their confidence.

What are the benefits of industrial training?

The industry exposure enhances the undergraduate’s work life through added enthusiasm and commitment; provides a lifelong learning experience; is an opportunity to engage with the profession to which they aspire in a realistic work environment; appreciate and understand the practical application of their academic …

What is industrial training?

Definition of Industrial Training The Industrial Training indicates to a program which aims to provide a managed good practical training within a particular time frame. The main objectives of the industrial training is to provide the best and relevant theoretical knowledge to gain in a particular time period.

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What are the aims of Industrial Training?

Practice actual engineering knowledge and skills at the industry.

  • Practice and implement soft skills in actual engineering working environment such as project management skill,planning skill,designing skill,presentation skill and writing skill.
  • Have interpersonal skills and professional ethics.
  • What are the benefits of Industrial Training?

    Industrial training actually helps students in many aspects which include helping students to acquire a better understanding of theoretical points introduced in class, improve self-development and soft skills of students and expose them to the real working environment.

    What is the purpose of Industrial Training?

    The main objective of Industrial Training is to expose the students to actual working environment and enhance their knowledge and skill from what they have learned in the college. Another purpose of this program is to instill the good qualities of integrity, responsibility and self confidence.

    What does industrial training mean?

    Industrial Training is a necessary part in the development of the practical and professional skills needed of an Engineer and an aid to coming employment. With the help of industrial training, students can learn how to work and approach companies.