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What is the success rate of civil service exam?

What is the success rate of civil service exam?

About 20\% of those who appeared in the mains move to the final stage (Personality Test/Interview Round), while only 40\% qualify out of that 20 \% and make it to the service. Below given is an interesting statistics about the success rate in UPSC Civil Services Exam.

Is civil services difficult?

The total vacancy in every department after the exam is limited to 150-200, making it 900-950 candidates clearing the interview round. So, the exam is not the difficult part, but the percentage of candidates filtered to reach the target, which is around 0.001\%.

Which civil service post is best?

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Best Posts You Can Join After Passing UPSC Civil Services Exam

  • Indian Administrative Services or IAS.
  • Indian Police Services or IPS.
  • Indian Foreign Services or IFS.
  • Indian Revenue Services or IRS-IT.
  • Indian Railway Traffic Services or IRTS.

Is civil service still a good career?

Civil Services offer an attractive and very challenging career to the ambitious individuals, the aspiring and the talented. Indian civil services (CSE) pave the way for becoming an IAS, IPS or IFS officer. Indian civil services (CSE) are considered as one of the prestigious services.

Can we fail in UPSC interview?

Any candidate has to clear all the three stages (Prelims, Mains, Interview) to get into the final Merit list. The marks obtained in the Mains and Interview are added and there is a fixed cut-off. If the total marks do not cross the cut-off marks, then the candidate is considered failed in UPSC Interview.

Which is the toughest part in UPSC?

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Is IAS Toughest Exam in the World?

  • As you would know, the UPSC Prelims is the first obstacle to your IAS dreams. This exam is taken by lakhs of Indians every year.
  • A lot of people consider the IAS exam to be the toughest exam in India.
  • As you can see from the table above, the success rate is the lowest for the IAS exam.

What is the lowest rank in IAS?

Final rank Allocated for IAS, IPS, and IFS in 2016 (UPSC Rank Wise Post – 2016)

Services Last Rank
IAS 95
IFS 208
IPS 267
IRS (IT) 379

Why IAS is not a good career?

The officers are subjected to frequent transfers or they are demoted if they don’t cave into the political pressure. Generalist nature- Unlike other jobs, where people get specialist knowledge in at least one field, IAS officers rarely get that opportunity.