What word is similar to hesitant?

What word is similar to hesitant?


  • cagey.
  • (also cagy),
  • disinclined,
  • dubious,
  • indisposed,
  • loath.
  • (also loth or loathe),
  • reluctant,

How do you use hesitant in a sentence?

Hesitant sentence example

  1. We were hesitant to speak candidly in front of Molly.
  2. Evelyn asked with a hesitant smile.
  3. He did act hesitant about it, but his encouragement sounded sincere.
  4. Dean was hesitant to discuss this or any aspects of the job with Ethel.

What is difference between hesitant and hesitate?

Hesitate is a verb, but hesitant is an adjective. Hesitate is a verb used to express condition such as: pause, delay, stay, temporize; on the other hand, hesitant, an adjective is used to express delay in action, hold or suspend action for the meantime.

What does it mean if someone is hesitant?

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Definition of hesitant : slow to act or proceed (as from fear, indecision, or unwillingness) : tending to hesitate : showing or feeling reluctance or hesitation took a hesitant step towards the door hesitant about accepting the job.

Why do we hesitate?

Fear of making the wrong decision is one of the reasons that many people hesitate when faced with a choice. You may be afraid of failure or even the consequences of success. You may worry what other people will think about you. Perfectionism may be getting in your way.

What is the best synonym for hesitate?

synonyms for hesitate

  • balk.
  • dither.
  • falter.
  • pause.
  • ponder.
  • stumble.
  • waffle.
  • waver.

What is the sentence of reluctant?

Reluctant sentence example. He was reluctant to commit to the additional expense. And yet, she was reluctant to say anything to church members – even family members. It was a reluctant farewell.

What does it mean when a girl is hesitant?

The definition of hesitant is someone or something that is tentative, cautious or unsure. An example of someone who would be described as hesitant is a person who slowly agrees to something even though she is not sure she wants to.

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Do not hesitate sentences?

If you wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Please do not hesitate to call us.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Please don’t hesitate to call me.
  • I hesitate to marry her.
  • He seemed to hesitate a second.

How do you overcome hesitation?


  1. Understand what is your hesitation.
  2. Address your fear.
  3. Train your self to think, then act.
  4. Give your self a time limit.
  5. Make a decision.
  6. Force your self to do new things.
  7. Have a confidence and faith in your self.

What does hesitation mean in a sentence?

1 : to hold back in doubt or indecision She didn’t hesitate when they offered her the job. 2 : to delay momentarily : pause He hesitated and waited for her to say something. 3 : stammer.

How do you describe hesitation in writing?

Use an ellipsis in dialogue Use an ellipsis in fictional writing to indicate hesitation or trailing off in dialogue or train of thought. If the sentence is considered incomplete, use only the ellipsis.

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What is the difference between reluctant and hesitant?

The words reluctant and hesitant are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, reluctant implies a holding back through unwillingness. Get Word of the Day daily email!

How is the word hesitant different from other adjectives like hesitant?

How is the word hesitant different from other adjectives like it? Some common synonyms of hesitant are averse, disinclined, loath, and reluctant. While all these words mean “lacking the will or desire to do something indicated,” hesitant implies a holding back especially through fear or uncertainty. hesitant about asking for a date

What is the synonym of reluctant?

Choose the Right Synonym for reluctant. disinclined, hesitant, reluctant, loath, averse mean lacking the will or desire to do something indicated. disinclined implies lack of taste for or inclination. disinclined to move again disinclined for reading hesitant implies a holding back especially through fear or uncertainty.

What is a mother word for reluctant?

What is a mother word for reluctant? 1 Reticent 2 Hesitant 3 Disinclined 4 Loath 5 Uninterested