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Are Eastern European Girls attracted to American accents?

Are Eastern European Girls attracted to American accents?

So yes, Eastern European girls will respond well to an American accent, but that’s not necessarily a different reaction than anywhere else. Is it easier to get laid in Eastern Europe… or the USA? It all depends! You would think Eastern Europe was easier to get laid in, but it’s actually much more complicated than that.

Is it possible for Eastern European girls to move to America?

This is simply NOT possible for the vast majority of Eastern European girls. America’s wealth allows attracts the hottest girls from all over the world to move there. In the same way the U.S. attracts top intellectual talent from other countries (brain drain), it also attracts top beauty talent.

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How do Eastern European girls keep their weight off?

Eastern European girls often eat local veggies- not out of choice, out of economic necessity. Also, most girls can’t afford their own car, so they walk everywhere. This also keeps their weight off to some degree. In the United States, even a girl making minimum wage could still afford to pig out DAILY on crap food.

What do Eastern European girls look like?

In an Eastern European city, all of the girls will look a bit similar – which can get boring pretty quickly. For instance, in Kiev, 99\% of the girls have tiny itty-bitty breasts. If you want a chest heavy girl, you’re completely out of luck.

Do American men have a major advantage over European men?

American men have a major advantage over european men as we are MEN… women are attracted to confidence, strength, self assurance, knowing what we want and not afraid to go after it… all this “nice guy, sensitivity” isnt what makes their DNA and animalistic instinct stand on its ears…

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Is there a difference between European and American attitudes?

European and America attitudes are no doubt different. As a foreign exchange student to England, Greece and Spain, I can attest to that. But the difference that is being pointed out here is overly-generalized.