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Are Etoos lectures enough?

Are Etoos lectures enough?

YES ETOOS LECTURE are more than enough for IIT JEE MAINS AND ADVANCED even i think at this point of time they are best online coaching available in INDIA.

In which coaching does Nevada Sir teaches?

NV Sir (Mr. Nitin Vijay) completed B. Tech from IIT (BHU) Varanasi. He is Physics champion faculty with vast teaching experience of 15 Years…..ETOOSINDIA IIT JEE VIDEO LECTURES: Complete Physics for Main & Advanced by NV Sir (USB)

Subjects Physics
Education Board IIT

Is NV sir good for JEE Advanced Quora?

Are video lectures of NV Sir of Etoos good for the JEE Advanced? – Quora. yes they are very good for understanding point of view.

Is NS sir good for JEE?

1 Year Validity Starts from the date of Activation.

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Who is GB sir?

Gavesh Bhardwaj (GB) Sir Mathematics Video Lectures for IIT-JEE 2019-2020.

What is the fees of Etoos India?

Only 2 left in stock. Shipping cost, delivery date and order total (including tax) shown at checkout. Sold by Etoosindia and Delivered by Amazon….ETOOS INDIA Complete Physics Video Lectures for IIT JEE Main & Advanced by NV Sir.

M.R.P.: ₹25,000.00
Price: ₹12,500.00
You Save: ₹12,500.00 (50\%)
Inclusive of all taxes

Who is the best teacher in Kota?

  • Muqeem Khan ETOOS Faculty. Ex-Nucleus. Ex-Allen faculty.
  • Nitin Vijay MOTION Faculty. B.Tech IIT (BHU)
  • Manish Sharma ETOOS Faculty. Ex-Allen.
  • Neeraj Kumar Chaudhary Ex Bansal, Ex Vibrant.
  • Nipun Mittal ETOOS Faculty. Ex.
  • Paul Mitra Ex. Bansal Faculty.
  • Abhishek Jain Ex Reso. Etoos Faculty.
  • Amit Verma MOTION Faculty. Ex Bansal.

Is Alakh Pandey from Kota?

Physics Wallah, aka Alakh Pandey, is the most famous young YouTuber from India. Alakh Pandey was born and brought up in Prayagraj (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Who is best NV sir or NM sir?

e NM sir is better than NV sir but it may vary for you as sometimes you are better able to understand from a particular teacher.

Is Vineet Khatri good teacher?

VINEET KHATRI A highly renowned Chemistry Faculty who has been Teaching students for IIT JEE since last 10 years in Kota (Rajasthan), the mecca of IIT JEE coaching. He is loved by his students and is considered a celebrity in student community.

Is it necessary to take the complete lectures of NV Sir?

Probably No. If you have complete lectures of NV Sir, its nothing less than what you would be taught, if you join an institute. The only difference is that you can not clear your doubts instantaneously, and would probably have to approach someone else other than the teacher to clear them.

Who is NV Sir in JEE Mains?

NV Sir Physics Google Drive for JEE Main & Advanced, Classes XI, XII & XIII. NV Sir (Mr. Nitin Vijay) may be a Champion of Physics. he’s an alumnus of IIT, BHU from where he did B.Tech in 2007.

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Who is nvnv Sir in physics?

NV Sir (Mr. Nitin Vijay) may be a Champion of Physics. he’s an alumnus of IIT, BHU from where he did B.Tech in 2007. NV Sir is that the director cum Sr. Faculty of Kota-based Motion IIT JEE Institute and is additionally related to EtoosIndia as Sr. Physics faculty.

Who is NV Sir (Nitin Vijay) for IIT JEE Main & advanced physics?

Physics for IIT JEE MAINS AND ADVACED Classes XI, XII & XIII. NV Sir (Mr. Nitin Vijay) is a Champion of Physics. He is an alumnus of IIT, BHU from where he did B.Tech in 2007.