Are you supposed to be attracted to your twin flame?

Are you supposed to be attracted to your twin flame?

Feeling Drawn to the Other Person Twin flame relationships are magnetic. It’s a constant overwhelming pull, and while the attraction can be sexual, it’s more often just the desire to be in that person’s presence.

What is so special about twin flames?

While some scholars say Plato’s writings describe soulmates, “a lot of us use this as background for twin flames,” Vallejos explains. Twin flames are believed to be two halves of the same soul. As such, they act as mirrors for each other and can be a great source of reflection and growth.

Who came up with the idea of twin flames?

There are many stories linked to the creation of Twin Flames. The most popular one which comes up time & again is the Symposium by the Greek Philosopher Plato. In the Symposium, Plato presents the theory as Aristophanes.

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Can your best friend be your twin flame?

Yes, a twin flame can be your best friend. You may have no romantic interest in them yet still feel bonded with them on a soul level. Being best friends with your twin flame is amazing because you share an intense connection with them. This means they will understand you like no one else can.

Are twin flames platonic?

A “twin flame” isn’t necessarily a romantic soul mate — but they will always change your life. While they can be romantic relationships, they can also be completely platonic in nature. After all, sex isn’t everything, and twin flames are intense and life-changing relationships that can forever change who you are.

How do twin flames break up?

“Twin flame relationships have a ton of push-pull,” Kaiser adds. “Part of the chase is the reward for each person. But there will be a time when one partner will pull away, and this causes separation.” Many twin flames will end up making their way back to each other, even if it takes years—but not all.

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Are twin flames meant to last?

Twin flame relationships are thought to be the most intense relationships we can have in our lives—but they’re not always meant to last. Sometimes, twin flames go through a separation period, and whether the separation ends up being permanent depends on that particular pair.