Can I include both Hindi core and English core in the best of four percentages for DU admissions?

Can I include both Hindi core and English core in the best of four percentages for DU admissions?

You cannot include two languages while calculating the best of four aggregate while applying to the university of Delhi, New Delhi colleges.

Can we add two languages in best four?

Yes, you may. It is important to include at least one language.

Can I include Hindi in best four?

English or Hindi courses, you are required to include their score in your best-of-four score.

Is Hindi an academic subject?

UGC says neither Hindi nor any other subject is compulsory, up to universities to decide.

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What is core and elective subject?

Core courses are mandatory courses you must study to meet the requirements of your program. Electives are courses you can choose, allowing you to study topics that interest you. Electives, when added to your core courses, make up the total number of units needed to complete your degree.

Can I include physical education in best four?

Music and physical education will be treated as academic/elective only for honours courses in music and physical education respectively. However, including these subjects in the best of four score for other courses may attract a penalty.

Does best four include physical education?

How is best 4 for BCOM calculated in DU?

How to Calculate Best of Four for Commerce?

  1. For every subject included from List C2, a deduction of 1\% from best of four aggregate percentage.
  2. For every other subject (not listed either in List C1 or List C2), a deduction of 2.5\% per subject from the best of four aggregate percentage.
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Can I add physical education in best four?

Yes , Physical Education can be included in calculation of best four for DU but it has a disadvantage of 2.5\% , i.e , 2.5\% will be deducted from the total percentage of your best four subjects .

Is Hindi compulsory in BCOM Hons?

All B.Com (honours) students, even if they have studied Hindi only till Class 8, will have to opt for the language in the second semester. Only those students who have never studied any Hindi at all will be allowed to take a modern Indian language such as Manipuri, Tamil or Telugu.

Which is better English elective or English core?

English core will provide you the basic knowledge of the language as well as English literature while English elective is a more specialized subject, i.e. if chosen you’ll have to study about English language and it’s literature in-depth.

Is English elective subject?

English Elective CBSE for classes XI and XII, includes listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, grammar vocabulary and literary appreciation which will cover the various areas through a variety of themes offered in the course materials.