Can my roommate record me without my permission?

Can my roommate record me without my permission?

Yes, practically guaranteed, so long as they are in a common area, which means “no reasonable expectation of privacy”. In their own room, or in a bathroom, they would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and you would not be able to record them without their consent.

What to do if your roommate is harassing you?

Communication is key to a quick resolution. Speak up if you’re upset by something your roommate (or a roommate’s guest or pet) did or didn’t do, said, or didn’t say. Calmly explain why you’re upset might also help. Be specific and let your roommate know how to keep the peace in the future.

Can I sue my roommate for going into my room?

Trespass is one of the few torts that can be sued on even though there is not physical damage, but a judge has the discretion to impose whatever award the want to so you need to show how upset, etc. you were by his entering our room. You would sue in Small Claims Court.

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Is it illegal for my roommate to go in my room?

Going into your roommates room, using your parents personal bathroom, going into the attic when you’ve been told not to, all of that might be against the home rules, but it is not against the law. A resident is allowed to be within their own home. Typically, the answer is no.

Can you sue a roommate for emotional distress?

Given that the question is “Can you sue a roommate for emotional distress”—a least in the US you can sue for anything, but you may not have much of case. And—it may not be worth cost, you may not be able to find an attorney (ALWAYS try have a qualified attorney!), your case may or may not be weak.

How do you deal with violent roommates?

Get a temporary restraining order. If the roommate has threatened or engaged in real physical violence against you, you can get a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order from court that asks for a residence exclusion order. This order will require your roommate to leave the apartment immediately.

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What can I sue my roommate for?

Here are some examples of small claims lawsuits between roommates:

  • Your roommate did not pay their portion of the bills.
  • Your roommate did not pay rent.
  • Your roommate damaged your furniture.
  • Your roommate’s dog damaged your fence.