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Can two B positive parents have AB positive child?

Can two B positive parents have AB positive child?

Two parents with B blood type can produce a child with either B or O blood type. One parent with A and another with B can produce a child with A, B, AB or O blood types….ABO Blood Type Calculator.

Genotype (DNA) Blood Type
AB AB blood type
BO or BB B blood type
OO O blood type

Is AB+ and B+ are same?

Human blood is grouped into four types: A, B, AB, and O. Each letter refers to a kind of antigen, or protein, on the surface of red blood cells….Why Know Your Blood Type.

Blood type Percent of Americans with this type Who can receive this type?
B+ 10 B+, AB+
B- 2 B+, B-, AB+, AB-
AB+ 4 AB+
AB- 1 AB+, AB-
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Can a child have a different blood type than both parents?

Yes, a child is able to have a different blood type than both parents. Which parent decides the blood type of the child? The child’s blood type is decided by both parents’ blood type. Parents all pass along one of their 2 alleles to make up their child’s blood type.

What blood type if both parents are B positive?

They are B blood type but can pass the O onto their kids. So two B parents can make an O child if both parents are BO.

Can AB+ accept any plasma?

While AB+ blood has both A and B antigens on the red blood cells, neither of the antigens are present in the plasma. This makes AB+ the universal plasma donor, meaning that AB+ plasma can be transfused into patients who have any other ABO blood type. The AB blood group is believed to be the newest blood type.

What blood can AB positive receive?

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People with AB positive blood can safely receive red blood cells from any blood type. This means that demand for AB positive red blood cells is at its lowest level in a decade.

What blood type can be found in an offspring if a mother has type AB and the father has type B blood?

A father who is blood type AB could pass either an A or a B allele to his son or daughter. This couple could have children of either blood type A (O from mother and A from father) or blood type B (O from mother and B from father).

Can AB+ donate to B+?

Blood A- can donate to A+, A-, AB+ and AB- Blood B+ can donate to B+ and AB+ Blood B- can donate to B+, B-, AB+ and AB- Blood AB+ can donate to AB+