Did Jedi drink alcohol?

Did Jedi drink alcohol?

Although the Jedi Lord Valenthyne Farfalla was known to enjoy fine wine circa 1000 BBY, alcohol was not recommended for Jedi by the time of the Clone Wars. The Jedi Council did frown upon Padawans getting intoxicated, although this was a guideline rather than an actual interdiction.

Did Obi-Wan drink alcohol?

Keep in mind, this is like in the early morning, Obi-Wan has long since replaced caffeine with some good ol’ ethanol. Training Anakin was too much stress for the old Stewjonian, and the bottle was the only solution. And that’s just in one movie. In The Clone Wars, Obi-Wan is constantly drinking.

Does Obi-Wan like drinking?

Obi-Wan spent years in the hot desert of Tatooine. The isolation, guilt, heat and boredom led him to drink. This helped him cross the line from casual drinker to someone with a drinking problem.

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What alcohol does Obi-Wan drink?

Ardees, also known as Jawa Juice, was a beverage that originated on Tatooine and was made of bantha hides mashed with fermented grains. When Obi-Wan Kenobi attended Dex’s Diner on Coruscant shortly before the start of the Clone Wars, he was offered a cup of ardees by FLO, the waitress droid.

What did Obi Wan drink in the bar?

1 Answer. In Dex’s diner (in Attack of the Clones) Obi-Wan drinks a beverage called “Jawa Juice”, identified in the film’s official novelisation as “Ardees”.

What is the drinking age in Star Wars?

The legal drinking age in most parts of the galaxy was 16. However, some places had different regulations and laws.

What is the blue drink in Star Wars?

Bantha Milk
History of Blue Milk The original Blue Milk you see Luke drinking in “A New Hope,” is actually called Bantha Milk, because it was produced by the giant beasts in the outer rim territories, like on Tatooine.

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What did Obi-Wan drink in the bar?

What planet is Cantina on?

planet Tatooine
The bar, of course, is the infamous Mos Eisley Cantina on the planet Tatooine.

What is Spotchka in Star Wars?

Spotchka was a beverage that could be created from the creatures known as krill. Klatooinian raiders who often attacked the village stole the krill from the farmers, brewing their own spotchka.

What is green milk Toydaria swirl?

The Toydaria Swirl is a mix of melon-flavored green milk, mango jelly, and chili lime seasoning. If you’re a fan of mango, this drink is for you! It certainly has added a much-needed extra flavor to the Green Milk. We also loved the kick of chili spice that created a spicy-sweet flavor.

What is the green milk?

The real world Milk Stand found at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge serves “green milk,” which is actually a frozen plant-based blend of coconut and rice milks that the menu describes as having “zippy citrus and tropical characteristics.” The location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios additionally serves an alcoholic Green Milk …