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Do IFS have any power in India?

Do IFS have any power in India?

Ans. IFS officers are powerful in their own right, though they do not have the broad administrative powers that an IAS or IPS officer would have inside the country. Notwithstanding this, they shape India’s foreign policy and can wield a lot of influence on other departments related to their work.

What perks do IFS officers get?

Perks enjoyed by an IFS Officer:

  • Wonderful accommodation of 2 or 3 BHK in cheap rates.
  • Car for commuting.
  • Household helpers and security guards.
  • Medical Treatment expenses.
  • Official vehicles.
  • Free electricity and water facility.
  • Freephone call facility.
  • Abroad study options.

Do IFS officers have power in India Quora?

As far as administrative powers are concerned, IFS officers don’t have them. But they have other Powers/Perks that IAS, IPS officers don’t have.

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What is the power of IFS?

The major powers of IFS are negotiations, observation and protection of Indian interest in the foreign state. IFS officers are the diplomatic agents of the first category. They are the representatives of the completely sovereign States and hence entitles to the title of Excellency.

What are the disadvantages of being an IFS officer?

Frequent movement from one country to another means that an IFS Officers’ spouse’s career may get compromised. Diplomats have to deal with culture shock every few years when they move and adapt to a new country.

Do IFS officers get free air tickets?

All civil servants of India below the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government of India are entitled to travel in the economy class of airlines. This applies to IFS officers, too. Officers of the rank of Secretary to Government of India are entitled to fly by First Class.

Do IFS officers get servants?

Please do remember that we don’t get cars or servants or all sorts of other freebies that people imagine us to be getting.

Do IFS get power?

Powers: IFoS officers have both civil and police powers inside forests. Forest rangers and guards who work under them are uniformed police officers. A friend of mine told me that in Karnataka an IFoS officer heads a commando unit.

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Can IFS date foreigner?

Clause 8(1) of the Indian Foreign Service (conduct and discipline) Rules, 1986 says no member of the service shall marry any person other than an Indian citizen “without the prior permission in writing of the government”.

Is IFS a stressful job?

Cons of IFS? Work can get extremely stressful in areas with high conflicts. The biggest drawback that most people highlight is that almost half of the lifetime of an IFS officer is spent in a foreign country.

Where are IFS officers posted?

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) – Postings after Training After confirmation, you will be posted as a Second Secretary in one of the wings (Political, Economic or Commerce, Consular, Administrative or Cultural) at an Indian Embassy or as Consul at an Indian Consulate for a period of 3 years.

Is Indian Foreign Service (IFS) worth joining?

Though Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) are considered to be the most sought-after prestigious civil services post in India among the aspirants, yet Indian Foreign Service (IFS) has maintained its sheen over time and is still one of the most admired services. Indian Foreign Service (IFS) is a Group A Service.

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What is it like to be an Indian Foreign Service officer?

The IFS officer also has the ability to study abroad and the costs will be paid by the Government. It depends entirely on the applicant whether he or she wishes to become an Indian foreign service officer. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that it takes a lot of hard work and passion to be a government officer.

What is the job of an IFS officer?

Officers of Foreign Services are required to project India’s interests, both at home and abroad, over a wide spectrum of issues. The selections for the 1946-established service are done based on the recommendations of UPSC . Here, find out more about the functions, salary-structure and perks of IFS officers.

How long does it take to become an IFS officer?

In order to become an IFS officer, the civil services exam must be cleared. Those who are recruited to the Foreign Service undergo training for three years before being confirmed to the IFS.