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Does Skrill close accounts?

Does Skrill close accounts?

You may close your Skrill Account at any time by contacting Customer Service. Fees relating to ongoing management of inactive accounts will also continue to be charged following closure of your Account.

How do I reactivate my Skrill account permanently?

You can contact Skrill support and ask them to reactivate it. This is in case you were the account owner and closed it by yourself. If Skrill closed your account, you cannot get it back, unfortunately. You will have to use a webcam or mobile app to fully verify a Skrill account when you get it back.

Why is Skrill blocking my account?

Skrill holds the rights to close all your accounts if it suspects security can be compromised or any malicious activity is observed.

Why is my Skrill account permanently closed?

First ,You have to check if your account is Restricted or permanently closed. If it’s restricted you have to submit additional verification documents like Creditcard statement,Bank statement or a selfie with your Id. If your document is accepted, they’ll unrestrict your account .

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Can I use Skrill without verification?

Yes, even without verification you will be able to make transfers with your account. However, unverified accounts have really low limits of 2,500 EUR (lifetime). This means, once you have reached this limit no deposits or withdrawals are possible anymore and you have to get verified to get access to your funds again.

Can I change my Skrill account name?

The name of your Skrill account can only be changed by contacted Skrill support. Usually it will be corrected during the verification process and if your account is not verified yet, you can upload your documents and their verification team will change it according to your documents.

Can I withdraw money from Skrill without verification?

How long does Skrill take to respond?

Please be advised that we do reply within 24 hours. Please send us a case number or a customer ID number i a direct message.

What is the limit for unverified Skrill account?

Non-member countries may find their limits to their unverified accounts to be as low as $135 and can find their specific cap on their personal Skrill profile. You will need to go through the complete verification process to boost your limits to more convenient levels which will henceforth be determined by your status.

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Can I use Skrill without card?

With paysafecard Buy a paysafecard from a local shop and use it to add money to your Skrill wallet. No bank account or credit card information is required.

Can I transfer Skrill to Skrill without verification?

How do I claim my Skrill money?

Your Skrill wallet All you need to receive money online with Skrill is an email address – it’s really that simple. Any funds sent to you are deposited and available immediately.

Can I re-activate my Skrill account?

If you can re-activate an account always depends on the reason. Usually there are 2 reason why an account was disabled: If your account was permanently closed there is no chance to get it ever back. Skrill also does not allow you to create another account with the same personal details.

Is Skrill safe to use?

Skrill as an E-wallet, has to be currently one of the most secure one around. Each account created on Skrill needs to be verified and the account holder identified with. And another important criteria is a Resident address can only be registered on one account. Due to the above, the account would not be verified and get locked out.

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Why was my Neteller or Skrill account temporarily disabled?

The NETELLER and Skrill security team are monitoring accounts to see if any unusual activity is happening. To avoid any further damage the team usually will temporarily disable those accounts to first check if there is any real security breach. The following list show the most common issues that can lead to a temporary account closure:

What happens to my funds when my Skrill account closes?

If your Skrill Account holds a balance at the time of its closure, we will ask you to withdraw your funds within a reasonable period of time, during which your Skrill Account will be accessible for the purpose of withdrawing the remaining balance only. After the expiry of this It will still be there, but will not earn any interest.