How can I earn money from Trell?

How can I earn money from Trell?

Monetize Your Trell Account

  1. By Creating Videos: you can earn upto 50 coins per day by creating videos.
  2. By Invites: you can earn 30 points by inviting your friends and family on Trell.
  3. By Sharing Content: when you share your video/blog, getting likes and comments can help you earn points.

How does Trell app work?

Trell is typically a visual blogging platform where people can create these visual stories, incorporate visual tags to make it easy to share their story. The location-based storytelling platform helps people create beautiful collections of their travel stories, favourite food places, and other explorations.

Is Trell App good?

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The platform’s success can be seen through the user feedback on PlayStore, which has a strike rate of 4.6. Trell has associated with the Times Business Awards as the ‘Powered by Sponsor’. It has also won ‘The Best Technology Start-Up of the Year’ award at the Times Business Awards 2020.

Who is the owner of Trell?

Type Private
Founded 2017
Founder Pulkit Agrawal (CEO) Arun Lodhi Bimal Kartheek Rebba
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Area served India

Is Trell shop genuine?

Not to worry, all the Trell Shop offers are genuine and 100\% working. The teams upgrade the Trell Shop Coupons and Trell Shop promo codes to make sure you get better discount deals and offers from Trell Shop.

Is Trell a startup?

Trell is a Bengaluru based startup which enables its users to discover personalised recommendations and product reviews.

Who uses Trell?

Trell is an Indian lifestyle social commerce platform owned by Trell Experiences Pvt. Ltd based in Bangalore. The mobile application is used by Indian communities to share their experiences with like-minded individuals in the form of 3 minute vertical videos.

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What is Trell app Quora?

Hey, Trell is a wanderlust app that lets you explore different experiences and try out new experiences. You can stand a chance to win an all-expense paid trip by participating in the #GetPaidtoTravel campaign. Trell organizes regular activities for users to participate in, and some of these offer great rewards!

How does Trello make money?

Trello makes money by charging private or enterprise consumers a monthly subscription fee. At its core, Trello is a freemium tool and as such vast amounts of the application are free to use. The core selling point of Trello lies within its simplicity and extensive availability of features in the free version.

How does tokentrello make money?

Trello makes money by charging offering premium subscription plans that unlock additional features. These plans are either targeted at individuals (called “Trello Gold”) or businesses (named “Trello Business Class” and “Trello Enterprise”).

Do you offer a free trial of Trello?

All users can enroll their Workspace in a free trial of Trello Premium. With that trial your Workspace will get access to create unlimited Trello boards, automate as much as you’d like, take advantage of Timeline, Dashboard, and other new views, and much more! Do you offer any discounted plans?

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How does enenforce work with Trello?

Enforce security controls on mobile app usage through built-in mobile device management (MDM) support for iOS and Android. Integrate with more than 200+ apps and tools your team depends on like Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox and more directly into your Trello boards.