How can I score well in English literature?

How can I score well in English literature?

Tips and Tricks to Score 100\% Marks in English Literature Section C Class 10

  1. Identify the Name of Lesson.
  2. Identify the Name of Author/Poet/Dramatist.
  3. Read the given extract carefully.
  4. Identify key words/key concept.
  5. Identify the speaker/character.
  6. Recall the theme of poem/prose lesson.

How do I prepare for a literature exam?

Exam Preparation: How to prepare for the Literature exam

  1. Read and re-read your texts.
  2. Learn quotations.
  3. Read around your text.
  4. Talk your ideas through.
  5. Go back over your own work.
  6. Study style – select and scrutinise significant/striking/special sections.
  7. Get to know VCAA a little better.
  8. Write sample paragraphs.

How do I write good answers in English literature ICSE?

ICSE English Literature Paper Tips

  1. Read the question paper carefully in the time slot provided.
  2. While attempting the reference to context questions, write answers that are to the point.
  3. Cover different parts of the question in different paragraphs.
  4. Cover all points from the question to avoid cutting of marks.
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How do I learn ISC poetry?

Study Tips:

  1. Read your Shakespearean play thoroughly again and again.
  2. Get hold of some reference books to understand the Shakespearean age and the background of the play.
  3. Make a note of all the difficult phrases and words.
  4. Make a critical analysis of the main characters of the play and discuss it with your English teacher.

How do you study poems?

How to Analyze a Poem in 10 Steps

  1. Read the poem. The first time you approach a poem, read it to yourself.
  2. Read the poem again, this time aloud.
  3. Map out the rhyme scheme.
  4. Scan the poem.
  5. Break down the structure.
  6. Determine the form of the poem.
  7. Study the language in the poem.
  8. Study the content of the poem.

How can I improve my literature skills?

Here are five ways to improve your writing skills:

  1. Start a blog. Writing your blog can be a good and refreshing beginning to improving your literature writing skills.
  2. Keep a diary.
  3. Find a pen pal.
  4. Write for school newsletter and magazines.
  5. Participate in a literary article competition.
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Is ICSE board tough?

Difficulty Level – ICSE Syllabus is considered to be more difficult than CBSE. That is because the ICSE syllabus has more internal assessments and concepts that can be applied to practicals.

How can I score 100 in English?

13 tips to score maximum marks in your CBSE Class 12 English board exam

  1. Be sure about the letter-writing and summary writing formats.
  2. Read your comprehension passage thoroughly.
  3. Focus on improving your writing skills.
  4. Solve sample question papers.
  5. Prepare notes on character sketches and central themes.

How do I prepare for ISC tempest?