How did Thanos know Gamora would come to Knowhere?

How did Thanos know Gamora would come to Knowhere?

After Gamora thinks she killed Thanos, he reveals the true reality that shows Knowhere is engulfed in flames, and that he has half of the Infinity Stones. Given that Thanos knows that Gamora knows where the Soul Stone is hidden, this seems plausible.

How did Thanos know Gamora knew where the Soul Stone was?

Gamora knows the location of the Soul Stone because she found a map, which is explained in the hologram Nebula displays during her interrogation. Thanos uses said hologram to call her bluff when she says she doesn’t know where it is, so it’s a hard scene to miss.

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Did Thanos lie about Gamora’s planet?

An Avengers: Infinity War fan implies that Thanos lied to Gamora with regard to the current status of her home planet. As explained in the film, the Mad Titan took a young Gamora as his adoptive daughter after he and his army invaded Planet Zehoberi.

How did Thanos trick Gamora?

By attacking Knowhere, he was able to obtain the Reality Stone and would also gain the attention of his adopted daughter Gamora, who knew the location of the Soul Stone. Thanos retrieved the stone and then used it to trick the Guardians of the Galaxy and kidnap Gamora.

What did Gamora know that Thanos didn’t in Infinity War?

Gamora was tasked by the Thanos to locate and retrieve the Soul Stone, which Thanos needed to complete his Infinity Gauntlet and fulfill his project of exterminating half of all life in the universe. However, Thanos was not fooled by Gamora’s lies and knew that she had found the location of the Soul Stone.

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How did Gamora know Vormir?

It turns out, Gamora actually knew that the Soul Stone was on Vormir all along. Apparently, Gamora had found a map to the Soul Stone, but burned it in order to keep it hidden from Thanos. When she tells him that the final stone is on Vormir, he bringer her with him as they journey to the desolate planet.

Did Thanos ever lied?

Thanos clearly lied before, for example, when he promised Eitri that he would spare the dwarves if he made the Gauntlet for him, but after he got it he just killed them all!

Why did Red Skull say daughter of Thanos?

Originally Answered: Why did Red Skull call Gamora the daughter of Thanos on Vormir? Because Thanos adopted her after brutally murdering half of her planet’s population, which would have obviously included her biological parents. So, after this… She is in all meaning of the word, a ‘daughter’ of Thanos.

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What does Thanos say when he gets the reality stone?

“Tell me what it needs.” “To ensure that whoever possesses it, understands its power. The stone demands a sacrifice.”