How do I replace Sennheiser headphones under warranty?

How do I replace Sennheiser headphones under warranty?

For Sennheiser, it’s required that you get in touch with them directly. As long as you have your invoice which serves as your proof of purchase, any Sennheiser service center that services headphones should be in a position to fulfill your warranty claim request.

How does Sennheiser warranty work?

In order to be considered eligible for repair or replacement under warranty, included with the repair item(s) must be a valid bill of sale (please see below for more information) from an authorized Sennheiser retailer detailing the following information: Retailer’s Name. Original Date of Purchase.

What is covered under Sennheiser warranty?

What is covered under warranty? Customer can avail warranty against manufacturing defect, if any. i.e. audio issues, internal damages etc.

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How many times can I claim warranty Sennheiser?

infinite times, however from a reputed brand like Sennheiser you cannot expect faulty products. Boat company offers very good after sale services, they follow a ‘No questions asked’ replacement policy, means they will replace the product if it is within the warranty period.

Is Amazon an authorized Sennheiser dealer?

Yes, Amazon is an authorized online dealer. If the phones need work under the warranty contact Sennheiser about where to ship them.

How can you tell if Sennheiser headphones are fake?

If your Sennheiser headphone is bought after August 2012, you can check the authentication of your headphone by using the security label on the box case. On the box, there should be an QR code, scan it and it will lead you the Sennheiser authentication page.

How long does it take Sennheiser to repair?

The whole process took 11 days.

How many times we can replace in warranty?

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Print. Unfortunately, under a warranty claim process, you are only entitled to replacements. You can get as many replacements as required within the warranty period. Many times, various issues may arise during the warranty claim process.

Who distributes Sennheiser in Canada?

Staub Electronics Named First Canadian Distributor For Sennheiser Professional Audio Solutions. Staub Electronics is pleased to announce our appointment as a distributor for Sennheiser, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems.

Does Amazon sell fake Sennheiser?

They’re real, Amazon.com is an authorized dealer in the sennheiser site so you’re good.

Can I Return my Sennheiser product for under-warranty repair?

You may return your Sennheiser product for under-warranty repair or replacement as long as it meets the terms of Sennheiser’s Warranty Statement. Please refer to the warranty and non-warranty statement here.

Does Sennheiser guarantee the same color as the original product?

In such cases, Sennheiser cannot guarantee the same color or the aesthetic attributes as the original product. This shall be done at the sole discretion of Sennheiser service centers. Warranty shall not be applicable on rechargeable batteries, cables, pouches and other cosmetic parts like earpads etc.

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Where can I find a list of authorized Sennheiser dealers?

For a list of authorized Sennheiser dealers please visit our website at Service Partners Worldwide. All TeleCom Headsets with “bird-band” style identifiers must have an intact, legible bird-band in order to be considered for warranty repair or replacement. Bills of Lading, Bills of Material or any other type of shipping detail document

Can Sennheiser replace my headphones?

Otherwise, Sennheiser may replace your headphone with a new or refurbished unit. The cost for labor, parts, and shipping will be billed as actual. Sennheiser recommends authorizing repair up to the Pre-Authorized Amount in order to accommodate a fast turnaround time.