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How do you get the commando achievement in PUBG Mobile?

How do you get the commando achievement in PUBG Mobile?

First, get to platinum tier to get it. Next, go on a small map such as Sanhok and use SMGs. Since you can carry a fair amount of 9mm, get your hands on a UMP with suppressor – since you can’t use armor or a backpack, you’ll need stealth to be able to achieve your win.

What is the fastest way to get PUBG Mobile achievement points?

Earn 2800 Achievement Points. Complete the following missions….Complete all the following kills in a Classic match in Platinum tier or above.

  1. Kill an enemy with Assault Rifle.
  2. Kill an enemy with SMG.
  3. Kill an enemy with Sniper Rifles.
  4. Kill an enemy with Shotguns.
  5. Kill an enemy with Throwable.
  6. Kill an enemy with vehicles.

What is the hardest achievement to get in PUBG Mobile?

1. Unique Destiny. Unique Destiny is said as the rarest and the hardest title in PUBG Mobile to get. There’s no instant way to open this title because you need to collect more than 6000 achievement points.

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How do you get the chicken Master title in PUBG?

How to get Pubg mobile chicken master title easily?

  1. You have to complete missions in solo mode. The duo and squad mode is not counted.
  2. Your tier should be either on platinum or above it.
  3. Focus on your last standing enemy. Your goal is to kill the last opponent on the battleground and get the chicken dinner.

How do you get the glass cannon title in PUBG?

So in order to get the Glass Cannon Title or Commando Achievement you need to WIN 50 SOLO Classic matches while being in PLATINUM TIER or ABOVE Without Picking Up any VEST, HELMET and BACKPACK. If u even by mistake pick any one of the Above the whole match will not be counted.

How do you get commando?

Description. The Commando is a tower that could have been obtained through triumphing the Area 51 map in Normal+ mode as part of the Area 51 Event. It cannot be bought in the store.

How do you get the #1 title in PUBG?

The easiest title that a player can achieve in PUBG Mobile is the Well-Liked one. It is given to a player on receiving 1000 likes in the game. A player can give a like to his teammates when a match ends.

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How do you get a weapon master in PUBG mobile?

Conditions that need to be fulfilled for getting the Weapon Master Title in PUBG are:-

  1. Kill enemy with AR Gun.
  2. Kill enemy with SMG Gun.
  3. Kill enemy with Sniper Gun.
  4. Kill enemy with Shot Gun.
  5. Kill enemy with Throwables (Grenades)
  6. Kill enemy with a Vehicle (Car, Buggy or a Jeep)

Who is the best title in PUBG?

5 Easiest Titles to Get on PUBG Mobile!

  • Perseverance. One of the easiest titles to get on PUBG Mobile is Perseverance.
  • Season Ace. The Season Ace title can be obtained when pushing your rank until you get Ace rank which is the second-highest rank in PUBG Mobile.
  • Weapon Master.
  • Sharpshooter.
  • Well-Liked.

How do you get the weapon master title in PUBG mobile easily?

How to get Pubg mobile weapon master title?

  1. Eliminate an enemy with vehicles.
  2. Kill an enemy with throwables.
  3. Kill an enemy with the sniper rifle.
  4. Eliminate an enemy with an assault rifle.
  5. Eliminate an enemy with the shotgun.
  6. Kill an enemy with SMG.

Is Ace title permanent?

The Ace title is one of the most elite titles in the game. A player needs to reach the Ace tier in any season of the game to get the Season Ace Title. The player needs to play a total of five matches in the Ace tier to get a free, permanent Ace Parachute skin for the season.

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What are the easiest titles to get in PUBG Mobile?

Though Players might face some difficulty in achieving them. Among the list of titles in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile some of the titles like Commando, Maxed Out, Well Liked and Overachiever are quite easy to get, though may create problems for some players.

How to get maxmaxed out in PUBG Mobile?

Maxed Out is an easy title which can be achieved in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile. You just need to get your hands on 2x XP tickets and use them, after using them play the game as much as you can to earn those double experience points and level up faster once you reach the max level i.e 100 you will get this title.

How do you become a commando in Fortnite?

To get the commando title you have to win 50 Solo Matches while in Platinum Tier or above and not equipping any helmets, vests or backpacks. So in order to achieve this title easily, you need patience and think every move before making.