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How do you politely tell someone they need to lose weight?

How do you politely tell someone they need to lose weight?

The Do’s

  1. Do remember that your loved one may already feel ashamed. Even if your loved one jokes openly about their weight, this does not mean they are comfortable with their body.
  2. Do speak about health and feelings.
  3. Do speak with love and respect.
  4. Do use empathy.
  5. Do look beyond fault.

Is it OK to tell someone to lose weight?

Not only is it counterproductive to point out that someone should lose some weight, it’s harmful to her health as well. A study in the journal Obesity says people who feel stigmatized because they carry too many pounds suffer a form of stress that can increase health risks. It’s a two-part problem, experts say.

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Is it rude to say you lost weight?

Although you probably meant to make your friend feel good about themselves, phrases like “Have you lost weight” or “You look so thin” can be misinterpreted. “Making this kind of body remark can result in many unintentional problems for the recipient,” explains Dr Malone.

Is it rude to tell someone they have gained weight?

“Have you put on a few pounds?” Whether you want to believe it or not, it’s probably not necessary for you to tell someone they’ve gained weight. If they’re not making a change, they may not want to focus on their weight status.

How do I tell my daughter she needs to lose weight?

So, instead of saying, “I have to get to the gym to lose five pounds before Aunt Julia’s wedding” try saying, “Going to the gym always makes me feel good, and it’s important to keep me healthy.” Instead of saying, “I’m not having ice cream tonight, because it’s almost swim suit season,” try saying, “I love ice cream.

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Is it OK for your boyfriend to tell you to lose weight?

Telling you to lose weight doesn’t have to be an automatic deal breaker, but it can certainly be a red flag, depending on the intent. For example, if you’re actually experiencing health complications due to your weight, your partner could just be looking out for your well-being.

What to say when someone says you lost weight?

2. Always say “thank you” when someone gives you a “compliment.” If my body is inherently in need of improvement, then when someone tells me I’ve lost weight, it’s supposed to be a compliment. And instinctively, when I hear anything complimentary, I say thank you. I enjoy leading this Friday morning class.

Is it okay to ask a girl if she lost weight?

Doesn’t matter if they’re fat, or thin, if they lost weight, or if they’ve gained weight. By telling someone “Hey, you look great, have you lost weight?” you’re implying their beauty is intrinsically tied to a number on the scale. Don’t be that person. If you want to tell her she looks good, just say that.

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How do you respond to weight loss comments?

Here are some suggestions for what to say when someone remarks…

  1. You look great – have you lost weight? What’s looking great have to do wth weight loss?
  2. Why are you eating so much bread and pasta? My body and brain need carbohydrates for energy.
  3. You should go on a diet! Most diets don’t work.
  4. Eating again?