How does CW quota work in DU?

How does CW quota work in DU?

Reservation for Children/Widows of Personnel of the Armed Forces (CW) Five percent (5\%) of seats are reserved for Candidates under this category, program-wise in all colleges.

Can I get admission in DU with CW quota?

Yes, there is CW quota in DU . A total of 5\% seats are reserved for this quota course wise and college wise. All the CW applicants are required to upload Educational Concession Certificate in the enclosed format.

What is CW quota in Delhi University?

1. All applicants seeking admission to various undergraduate programmes of the University of Delhi will have to register online as per schedule notified by the University. 2. Five percent (5\%) of seats are reserved for applicants under CW categories, programme-wise in all colleges.

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On what basis do we get admission in DU?

DU Cut off 2021 All merit-based DU admissions are offered based on the candidates meeting the DU cut off as per their category, choice of courses or colleges they seek admission in. DU cut off is the minimum marks/percentage derived after using the best of four subject marks of the qualifying examination.

What is CW category priority?

As per the guidelines approved by the Academic Council, admission of candidates belonging to CW categories have to be made in the following order of priorities: CW1. Widows/Wards of Defence personnel killed in action; CW2. Wards of serving personnel and ex-servicemen disabled in action; CW3.

How many seats are reserved for CW category in DU?

Eligibility and Allocation of Seats There is a total of 1 seat reserved for CW category students.

How do I choose my college in DU?

Fill the Common Application Form (CAF) and find the most suitable college for yourself. An admissions expert will talk to you and after understanding your requirements, he/ she will provide you with several options of colleges to choose from.

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Does du consider best of 3?

Question: Can Business Studies be considered an academic subject in DU best of four marks calculation? Answer: Yes, Business Studies, Biotechnology and Biology are three subjects which can be considered as academic/elective subjects.

What category is CW?

What is DU CW quota in NEET?

Certain seats are reserved for Army officers children and all the army children. You should once check the dept. Site. I believe, the seats reserved in cw category, belongs to all army children.

Does DU have quota for Delhi students?

85 percent seats across the Delhi University colleges are reserved for Delhi candidates, while 15 percent seats are for candidates from outside Delhi.