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How is earned media value calculated?

How is earned media value calculated?

To calculate your EMV, use the formula (EMV = impressions x CPM x adjustment variable) and the following steps as a guide:

  1. Determine the number of impressions.
  2. Calculate your cost per 1,000 impressions.
  3. Identify your adjustment variable.
  4. Multiply the three values in the formula.
  5. Evaluate your results.

Is a press release considered earned media?

It can be used as background information for an interview or a quote, but a press release in and of itself isn’t earned media coverage. A press release falls under the paid category when your company uses a paid distribution service, and it falls under owned coverage when you place it on your company’s newsroom.

What is media value in PR?

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What is earned media value? Earned media value (EMV) is a way of measuring the ROI of content gained through PR and marketing activities. Unlike paid media or owned media, to get the full potential of earned media, you need third people content to help you spread the word about your brand.

How do you measure EMV?

To calculate EMV, multiply the dollar value of each possible outcome by each outcome’s chance of occurring (percentage), and total the results. If you had the choice of which bet to make, you’d be wise to listen to the EMVs and opt for the coin flip.

What is the difference between paid and earned media?

Paid media is content you pay to place in front of an audience as an ad or sponsorship, while owned and earned are free. Owned media is content you create and control, like your Facebook page or your website, while earned media is content others create about you, like reviews or Instagram posts.

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How is EMV calculated on Instagram?

First off, you need to set an effective ‘Impression CPM’ (cost per thousand impressions), which can be based on your known digital media rates, or analysing previous paid influencer campaigns. You can then calculate the Impressions EMV by multiplying the Impression CPM by the free impressions delivered / 1,000.

What’s an example of earned media?

For example, earned media may include mentions in online articles, television interviews or consumer-generated videos. Often, brands build earned media strategies through PR, digital marketing, and events. Unlike owned media, earned media is promotion and coverage awarded by outside agencies or publications.

What is considered earned media?

Earned media is publicity or exposure gained from methods other than paid advertising. Earned media is essentially online word of mouth, usually seen in the form of ‘viral’ tendencies, mentions, shares, reposts, reviews, recommendations, or content picked up by 3rd party sites.

How do you quantify media coverage?

Another smart way to evaluate your media coverage is to compare it with other campaigns. That’s where Share of Voice (SOV) comes in. SOV is a metric used to determine how you weigh up next to your competitors. It can provide insight into how much coverage your company receives in relation to that of your competitors.

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How is media coverage measured?

What are examples of earned media?

Examples of earned media

  • Original social media posts referencing your product.
  • Online customer reviews.
  • Product reviews on YouTube, social media, or blogs.
  • Media coverage of your products, services, brand, or events.
  • Natural inclusion of your products or services into external media.
  • Word-of-mouth recommendations.

What is an example of earned media?