How long does it take to prepare for GATE computer science?

How long does it take to prepare for GATE computer science?

Usually, most aspirants look for a long-term preparation plan for GATE CSE, and it may be either six months/ three months. In order to achieve the best score/ rank, a six-month preparation strategy is an advisable option.

How can I prepare for gate in computer science?

Try finishing your notes before last 3 months and solve all the previous year papers and revise well in the last month. Buy test series as many as possible, Test series help a lot to clear the exam. Stay calm as GATE consists of 10 subjects at a time so it’s all about the mind game.

Can computer science student give GATE exam?

Yes, any B. tech graduate from any stream can write the gate in any streams offered.

Can I study for gate from 1st year?

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Answer. Yes, you can start your preparation for GATE from the 1st year of graduation. In order to start your preparation make sure to look the syllabus of your branch.

Can I prepare for GATE in 6 months?

Preparing with some technique & proper plan in 6 months for GATE exam would be more fruitful. While starting your GATE exam preparation with standard books will be hard to complete whole GATE syllabus in just 6 months because a single book contain 1000 pages atleast of a single subject.

How hard is GATE computer science?

GATE 2021 CSE paper was conducted on the 13th February 2021 across two sessions. According to the students, who appeared for the Computer Science and Information Technology (CSE) paper, the difficulty level of the exam was moderate to easy. 12 and 7 MSQ questions were asked in the 1st and 2nd shifts respectively.

Can CSE student apply for IAS?

Yes, a BTech cse student can appear in IAS Exam. Infact, anyone who is an Indian possessing Graduation degree in any discipline from recognized university are eligible for IAS exam. The students who are in the final year of their degree course are also eligible.

Which is the best book for GATE Computer Science preparation?

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Topic-wise List of GATE Preparation Books for Computer Science

Topics Name of the Book Author
Database Management Systems Database System Concepts Henry Korth
Discrete Mathematics Discrete Mathematics and its Applications Kenneth. H. Rosen
Digital Logic and Number representation Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals Morris Mano

Which subject should I study first for GATE CSE?

Generally Mathematics is the best subject to start you preparation with. Attempt GATE CS free mock test to get the feel of real exam experience. Topics and Subjects like Predicate, Linear Algebra, Computer Networks and Database Management System, etc can be done in any order.

Is Gate is tough than Jee?

GATE is a graduate exam, while JEE is just an undergraduate exam. JEE advanced, meanwhile, is to be considered for getting admissions into the IITs….Is GATE Tougher than JEE?

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How do I prepare for the GATE exam?

1 Make a Study Schedule to Track Your GATE Preparation. 2 Find Your Strengths and Weakness to Boost GATE Preparation. 3 Use Top-notch Preparation Books & Study Material for GATE Preparation. 4 Clarify Your Doubts and Don’t Forget to Revise. While preparing for GATE, it is obvious to have doubts. 5 Keep Exam Stress At Bay.

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Why GATE exam preparation time table 2022 is important?

A proper and well-prepared GATE preparation time table 2022 can help the candidates to ace the exam with good marks. The GATE self study plan starts with a proper time management that can only be attained by making GATE exam preparation timetable.

How many students appear for the GATE exam every year?

Every year around 8.5 lakh candidates appear for GATE exam. It means the level of competition in the exam is very high, so every candidate must have something that stands out from the crowd. Read the full article to know about GATE 2022 preparation time table, important topics, preparation tips, toppers tips, and much more.

How to prepare for gate CS in 3 months?

A minimum of 3 months is required to prepare the complete syllabus for the GATE CS exam. The GATE CS preparation plan should follow these things – Start with preparing for the subject that requires maximum attention, time and practice. The easy sections should be studied later; once the difficult or more important chapters are done.