How long is training period in Wipro?

How long is training period in Wipro?

Training period will be normally for three months it may prolong 15 more days if there is external faculty.

How long is Wipro training for freshers?

68 day
The PRP is a 68 day structured induction training program offered to all campus recruits coming from varied background (Engineers + Non-engineers) to be trained on essential behavioral and technical skills that prepare them to work in live customer projects.

What is the Wipro training process?

The 60-hour program consists of technology backed modules in a self paced format, that give the students the flexibility to work through the modules over a period of 3 months, along-side their core graduation course.

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What is the training period in Wipro 2021?

the duration for WIPRO training period is 6 months. the salary package for training period is 15 k. after 6 th month it will be increased.

Does Wipro give salary during training?

The average salary for a Training is ₹4,32,559 per year in India, which is 4\% higher than the average Wipro salary of ₹4,15,286 per year for this job.

What is the salary in Wipro after 3 years?

Wipro Salaries in India

Designation Average Annual Salary
Technical Lead 7 – 13 yrs exp 14.2L 9.4L – 20L
Software Engineer 2 – 5 yrs exp 5.6L 3.3L – 11L
Associate 0 – 3 yrs exp 2.1L 1.4L – 3.2L
Associate Consultant 2 – 10 yrs exp 7.8L 4.1L – 13.9L

Does Wipro increase salary after training?

Well during the training time you will get exactly 15k in hand and post training, depending upon your performance in training they will give you the salary of 25000-27500 (20100-22100rs in hand) per month.

What laptop does Wipro provide?

The e.go series from Wipro provides a range of laptops that are designed to cater to your varied computing requirements….Wipro e.go Aero Alpha Laptop (1st Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 320GB/ Win7 HP) (11.49 inch, White, 1.33 kg)

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Processor Brand Intel
Graphic Processor Intel Integrated HD

How much does Wipro pay for 7 years experience?

Wipro Salary FAQs The average salary for a Senior Project Engineer is ₹7,55,501 per year in India, which is 1\% lower than the average Wipro salary of ₹7,63,178 per year for this job.

What is the training process flow in Wipro?

Training Process Flow in Wipro 1. FRP : (Fundamental Readiness Program): In this trainng period they will tech C and Data Structures. And after this… 2. PRP : (project Readiness program): This will be Depending on allocation of domain. You May feel this is the toughest… 3. RLL : ( Real Life Lab

What is the selection process of the Wipro off campus 2019 drive?

Likely, the selection process of the Wipro Off Campus 2019 Drive consists of different rounds. The first round is written test where an individual should be good at mathematics. And this round will be followed by a group discussion or JAM (Just A Minute). And there will be a technical round as well as an HR round.

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How many rounds are there in the Wipro online test?

Wipro conducts 3 rounds to recruit new employees. The Online test consist of questions from various domains and an essay writing. This is a time based test and each section is allocated specific time. Different sections of the test are : Essay writing is given specific time and you have to write an essay on paper on topic provided to you.

What is aptitude test in Wipro recruitment process?

Aptitude Test is the first round of Wipro Recruitment Process. This round is divided into 3 sub parts: There is no Syllabus for Essay Writing but you can find previous year Essay Writing Topics asked in Wipro on our Wipro Essay Writing Dashboard. There will be 2 Coding Questions in this Round.