How long was strange trapped with Dormammu?

How long was strange trapped with Dormammu?

However, we witnessed Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War having mastery of the art. After 2 years.

How did Dr Strange break the time loop?

, A big fan of Marvel movies and a repeat viewer of Dr. Strange in particular. He cast a spell around the Eye of Agamotto that meant that at a pre-defined point in the future (let’s say 10 minutes from now) time rewinds back to the point at which he cast the spell.

Why is Dormammu affected by the Time Stone?

Dormammu is affected by the Time Stone because he’s reaching into a universe where Time is a real thing. We know that Dormammu’s dimension exists beyond time, to the point where Dormammu isn’t even aware of what Time is. Think of it like this; you’re a creature who evolved to live in space.

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Did Thanos know Dormammu?

Thanos snapped out half of life in this universe, not the multi verse or pan-dimensionally. Ideally the Dark Dimensions, where Dormammu lives, wasn’t affected by Thanos’s snap. Dormammu’s existence is only known by the masters of the mytic arts. It’s unlikely he’ll know of him.

How did Doctor Strange Defeat Dormammu?

The Dark Dimension is beyond time, so Strange ultimately defeats Dormammu by trapping him in a time loop. Time is a weapon Dormammu isn’t familiar with, and the monster repeatedly kills Strange until the time loop becomes too much to handle.

How was Dormammu defeated?

Ahead of seeing one way to defeat Thanos, Cumberbatch’s character had to take on Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension, in Doctor Strange. The Dark Dimension is beyond time, so Strange ultimately defeats Dormammu by trapping him in a time loop.

Is Dormammu in Doctor Strange?

How does Doctor Strange beat Dormammu?

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In the climactic moment from Doctor Strange, the fledgling master of the mystic arts bests Dormammu by using the Eye of Agamotto to manipulate time, trapping the villain in a loop that sees him kill Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) over and over — with the threat of them staying there forever unless the evil …

Is Dormammu coming back?

Now that Dormammu has made an appearance, we can probably expect him to resurface in a future MCU film, despite Stephen Strange banishing Dormammu to the Dark Dimension forever. However, Dormammu found a loophole in the deal: if Stephen Strange were dead, he wouldn’t have to keep it.

Why does Dr Strange keep coming back to Dormammu?

Confused, Dormammu asked if it was an illusion, with Strange explaining that he “ brought a little power ” from his world, and that power was time. Strange created a loop that trapped him and Dormammu, thus allowing him to be killed by this evil entity over and over again and come back every time.

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What happened to Doctor Strange when he returned to Earth?

Dormammu eventually gave up and made a deal with Strange, who then returned to Earth. As time froze on Earth, when Strange returned only a couple of minutes seemed to have passed, but he spent a lot more time in the Dark Dimension.

How many loops of time does Dormammu have?

Dormammu alone knows for sure. Dormammu has no abstract concept of time, so probably not even then. That specific event never happens in the comics. It could be anything from exactly as many loops as we saw, to millions of years worth of them. No way to know.

Does Doctor Strange spend a lot of time in the dark?

In 2018, Doctor Strange screenwriter Robert C. Cargill explained that Strange spent a lot of time in the Dark Dimension, but that was something they left “ intentionally vague with room to address it later ”.