How many kannadigas are there in Tamilnadu?

How many kannadigas are there in Tamilnadu?

Kannada people There are more than 20 lakhs Kannadigas in Tamil Nadu.

What do Tamilians think about kannadigas Quora?

They are proud about their language and culture similar to Thamizhars. They are also peace loving and emotional people like Thamizhars. Kannada & Tamil are found in various parts of the world as a old language. Their cuisine is one of the most liked in India especially the UDUPI one.

Why Bangalore is not part of Tamilnadu?

The city of Bangalore lies at the junction point of the three states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. When Mysore state merged with independent India, its capital was moved from Mysore to Bangalore, thereby taking out the city from Madras State.

What do kannadigas think about malayalis?

My general observations of malayalees is that they actually don’t care what people think of them! They are absorbed in their own state of affairs. The foremost quality they have is that they are very helpful, kind-hearted, harmonious and friendly. malayalees are very hardworking.

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What are kannadigas known for?

Kannadigas are the most simple and tolerant people we have in India. They accept and embrace everything that comes to their way, be it good or bad. The culture here in Karnataka is molded in such a way that there is a space for everyone and the concept of ‘AtithiDevoBhava’ is followed by all hearts.

What is the Tamil religion?

Tamils are mostly Hindu, although some are Muslim or Christian. Tamil Hindus generally perform daily prayers (puja) . Shiva is the most important deity, although Vishnu and other gods are worshiped. Vinayaka, a form of the god Ganesha, is particularly popular.

Do kannadigas hate malayalis?

Malayalis are highly adjusting people Kannadigas are highly accommodating people They go well with each other. First they learn the language and cater to needs of remote villages are lay outs. Malayalam speaking Kannadigas are less since Malayalis learn Kannada and assimilate in to the population .

Are kannadigas friendly?

Kannadigas are the most simple and tolerant people we have in India. They accept and embrace everything that comes to their way, be it good or bad. They are proud of their land and language and as an Indian, everyone should see Karnataka as an integral part of the nation.

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Is Kannada a tough language?

Kannada is a very simple yet rich language. If you have real interest in the language, it is possible to speak reasonable Kannada within one month, with a very little effort. The first step is to get familiarised with the structure of the language.

Who is Tamil God?

Lord Murugan, the God of Tamil!

Who is the oldest Tamil God?

The Tolkappiyam, possibly the most ancient of the extant Sangam works, dated between the 3rd century BCE and 5th century CE, glorified Murugan, the favoured god of the Tamils.

What are malayalis known for?

Despite being strongly regional, they are known for their religious tolerance and acceptance. There is no other place in the world which has accepted different religions with such a positive approach. No matter how many modern dishes we whip up, the Malayali is not content unless he takes a bit of rice.

How many Kannadigas live in Karnataka?

There are 40 Million Kannadigas In the world as of 2011, of which nearly 55\% of them live in Karnataka i.e; 22.5 Million Kannadigas live in Karnataka, Kannada population in TN is faaar underestimated, Kongu region has many villages which are 100\% (yes 100\%) kannada.

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What is the difference between Tamil people living in Karnataka and Coimbatore?

In and around Coimbatore area I have seen some people speaking Kannada almost with the Tamil slang they use. In contrast, Tamils living in Karnataka are not that much in all parts of Karnataka excepting Bangalore and Mysore. In Bangalore Tamils are 100\% migrated for employment opportunities only.

Where can I find Kannada speakers in Tamil Nadu?

That area was settled long ago by Devanngars who still speak Kannada at home. In Madras’s Triplicane you will find many Kannada speakers, locally known as Raayars. Many famous Tailors in that area are kannada speakers. You will find that many Kannada produces and actors in the film industry are and were Kannada speakers.

How many people in Coimbatore speak Kannada at home?

You go to any social gathering In Coimbatore/ Erode/Salem, easily 20\% of them would speak Kannada at home. Their custom/practices can be seen very similar to what you would see in the Mysore/Sira region, their kula deivam (mane devaru) from that region as well, however the language is some 50\% mixed with Tamil.