How many lemons does a man buy for 10 rupees?

How many lemons does a man buy for 10 rupees?

A man buys 11 lemons for 10 rupees and sells 10 lemons for 11 rupees. What is his gain per cent? Kick-start big growth for your small business with BigCommerce.

What is The CPCP of 11 lemons in rupees?

CP of 11 lemons = Rs.10/- Some fruits are bought at a rate of 11 for ₹100 and an equal number at a rate of 9 for ₹100. If all the fruits are sold at a rate of 10 for ₹100, then what is the gain or loss percent in the entire transaction?

What is the cost price of 10 articles = selling price?

The cost price of 10 articles is equal to the selling price of 9 articles. Find the profit percent. We know that the cost price of 10 article = selling price of 9 article 5. A retailer buys a radio for Rs 225. His overhead expenses are Rs 15. If he sells the radio for Rs 300, determine his profit percent.

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How much profit did Shabana make by buying 16 dozen ball pens?

Shabana bought 16 dozen ball bens and sold them at a loss equal to S.P. of 8 ball pens. Find (ii) S.P. of 1 dozen ball pens, if she purchased these 16 dozen ball pens for Rs 576. 23. The difference between two selling prices of a shirt at profits of 4\% and 5\% is Rs 6.


How many oranges can the man sell for a rupee?

The man has 11 oranges. If he sells 10 oranges for a rupee he will have 1 orange as profit, that is 10\%.Or, he has to sell 11 oranges for 1.10. It means the selling price of 10 oranges is the cost price of 11 oranges. He can sell the remaining 1 orange for 0.10, that is his profit.

How many oranges should a man sell to make 10\% profit?

Maths keeps one mentally active. The man bought 11 oranges for Re.1. So in order to make a profit of 10\% he should sell 11 oranges for Rupee 1.10 or he should sell 10 oranges for Re.1. Early symptoms of spinal muscular atrophy may surprise you.

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