How many ways can 15 students be divided into 3 groups?

How many ways can 15 students be divided into 3 groups?

So, the number of ways 15 students are to be divided into 3 equal groups, so that 2 particular students are always together = 105*286*252*1 = 7567560 ways.

How many ways can 12 books be divided equally into 3 parcels?

12C3 × 9C3 × 6C3 × 3C3 = 220 × 84 × 20 × 1= 369600. So the answer is 369600.

How many ways can 10 books be shared by 2 people?

Add it all up and you get 510.

How many ways can you divide into a group of 2?

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Suppose x is a particular element of the set. The two groups are completely determined by choosing which of the remaining N−1 elements are in the same subset as x. There are 2N−1 ways to choose a subset of the remaining N−1 elements, so there are 2N−1 ways of dividing the set into two groups.

How do you divide 15 divided by 3?

15 divided by 3 is equal to 5.

What are three groups 15?

Opposite of Multiplying

Multiplication… …Division
3 groups of 5 make 15… …so 15 divided by 3 is 5
and also:
5 groups of 3 make 15… …so 15 divided by 5 is 3.

How many ways can 9 identical ice cream be distributed 3 girls?

So, there are 12 ways available.

How many different ways can you arrange 10 books?

now out of 10 books 1 is already filled, so we have 9 books and 5 places. ANS: Therefore the number of ways 10 books can be fit in 6 places is 10*9*8*7*6*5 = 1,51,200.

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How many ways 10 persons can be divided into 5 teams of 2 each?

3 Answers. Now, if the teams are unlabeled, we have to divide the answer by 5! =120 as each of the permutation is the same. So, required answer =113400120=945.

How many ways can 12 students get into groups of 4?

495 ways
Answer and Explanation: Hence, there are 495 ways to choose a group of 4 people from the main group of 12 people.

How do you explain 15 divided by 3?

Using a calculator, if you typed in 15 divided by 3, you’d get 5. You could also express 15/3 as a mixed fraction: 5 0/3. If you look at the mixed fraction 5 0/3, you’ll see that the numerator is the same as the remainder (0), the denominator is our original divisor (3), and the whole number is our final answer (5).