Is a DeLorean fun to drive?

Is a DeLorean fun to drive?

The handling is safe and satisfying, the V-6 engine surprisingly mellow in its newest assignment. The interior is roomy, comfortable, and reasonably well thought out. Most important, the DeLorean passes the critical enthusiast’s test: it’s fun to drive.

How bad are deloreans?

Even though it’s a cool car, the DeLorean was badly built, slow, outdated and unreliable. What was initially set out to be a mid-engine, fibreglass, rotary-powered sports car ended up being an underpowered, overweight V6 sports car with leaky gullwing doors.

Is the DeLorean a safe car?

9 DeLorean DMC 12 John DeLorean decided to make his own supercar, which went horribly wrong despite it being featured in the film back to the future. It was one of the worst supercars ever made and to top, it all of it actually failed one major safety test.

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How much is a DeLorean worth today?

That’s why you can get a dented one for around $25,000-30,000, while cars in good condition can easily be double that, fetching in the region of $50,000-60,000 on the classic car market today. If you bought a new DMC in 1982, the cost in today’s money, adjusted for inflation, would be $60,000-plus.

Are deloreans fuel injected?

The DeLorean uses the Bosch K-Jet mechanical fuel injection system.

What is a DeLorean top speed?

110 mph

Drivetrain Layout Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
Transmission Five-speed manual, three-speed automatic
0 to 60 mph 9.5 seconds, 10.5 seconds
Top Speed 110 mph
Curb Weight 2,712 pounds

Do deloreans break down a lot?

The DeLorean’s engine set up is unique and the gearbox linkage is complicated. It broke quite a lot. Also the gear lever, which is undergoing heavy strain due to the poor linkage and notchy operation, breaks. Then there was the front suspension.

Why is the DeLorean so slow?

1. It was slow. The DMC-12 was supposed to be lighter and more powerful than the production version turned out to be. The production car used a puny 140-horsepower V-6 engine from a Peugoet-Renault-Volvo joint venture which never delivered the performance promised by founder John Z.

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Why are DeLoreans so slow?

Do DeLoreans break down a lot?

Why did the DeLorean fail?

Well, not only the many problems and low performance, but also the high price caused many people to not buy the car. Anyway, DeLorean doubled the production rate of the car but the demand fell which caused insolvency.

How fast can a DeLorean go?

88 mph
88 mph (142 km/h) was chosen as the time travel speed because it was easy to remember and looked “cool” on the speedometer. A custom speedometer was built to simulate 88 mph, as a 1979 law passed by then-President Jimmy Carter had limited cars to 85 mph to reduce speeding.

What is it like to own a DeLorean?

After the first year or two, or however long you own a DeLorean for, the constant attention can get downright annoying. At first, people calling you Marty, or Doc can seem kind of amusing. There comes a point when you hear “Hey where’s the Flux Capacitor” for the nine millionth time and you want to shoot that person.

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Why does the DeLorean frame rust so fast?

The DeLorean Frame is made of a mild steel coated in epoxy. Epoxy doesn’t flex very well. As the car drives down the road, over time small cracks appear in the epoxy allowing moisture, dirt, road salt and just about anything else you could possibly pick up on the road into it. This eventually leads to frame rust and rot.

How much is a 2010 Delorean worth?

From the mid 90’s to 2010 a solid DeLorean could be had for $17-25,000. At that time a $25,000 car would be a museum quality car. But over the last four years, values have risen significantly.

Can a DeLorean body panel be repaired?

Nowadays many of the repair shops that specialize in DeLorean have become quite good at fixing dents in the body. But tear a panel and it’s toast. Unfortunately, the one thing not being produced for a DeLorean is body panels.