Is Acer Swift 3 worth buying?

Is Acer Swift 3 worth buying?

The Acer Swift 3 has several good points—it’s an ultraportable that provides a wealth of features, a pinch of style, and competitive performance (especially its great battery life) for the reasonable price of $999.99.

Which Acer Swift model is best?

Acer Swift 3
Our top pick for best Acer laptop is the Acer Swift 3. If you’re looking for a high-performing laptop with more than 11 hours of battery life for less than $700, the Acer Swift 3 (equipped with the AMD Ryzen 7 4700U processor) could be the best option for you.

Is Acer Swift 3 fast?

It’s both fast (it takes less than a second to authenticate) and quite reliable. It’s got a budget laptop look. In other words, the Swift 3 is fine (but not great) in almost every category. But if there’s one area where the device is punching above its weight class, it’s performance.

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Is Acer a good laptop?

Acer has always been great with value, but the company has taken strides to expand its selection this year. The only category Acer doesn’t currently offer is thick, rugged laptops, but that is coming with its new Enduro line.

Is the Acer Swift 3 touch screen?

The Acer Swift 3 comes with compromises. Some of those are a given with a $649 Windows laptop — you’re obviously not getting a dedicated GPU or an exceptional screen — but others are worth thinking about. It’s not a convertible device, there’s no touchscreen, and the design won’t turn any heads.

Is Acer Swift 3 sturdy?

But overall, the Swift 3’s sturdy build, decent battery, and compact form render it a solid choice for its target demographic: students and anyone else looking for a portable device that won’t break the bank.

Which Acer Swift is best?

Should you buy a MacBook Pro or an Acer Swift 3?

The MacBook Pro has an all-aluminum chassis. The 13-inch MacBook Pro (3.1 pounds) is heavier than the 14-inch Acer Swift 3 (2.7 pounds). As a frequent traveler and commuter, I’m partial to lighter laptops. As far as color and style, Apple and Acer bore me; both laptops sport a typical silver chassis.

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Is the Swift 3 display better than the MacBook Pro 4500U?

The display in the ryzen variant of the swift 3 is just trash compared to the one on macbook. But, I’d suggest the swift 3 with Intel i5 1135G7 as it is comparable to the 4500U. It has a much better display with 300 nits and 100\% sRGB coverage.

What is the best laptop to buy right now?

The Acer Swift 7, which we think is the best lightweight laptop in the world right now, runs Windows 10 on an Intel processor; the MacBook Air M1 2020, which we think is the best all-round laptop for most people, runs macOS X Big Sur on Apple Silicon.

How does the Acer Swift 7 compare to the air?

Let’s start with the statistics. The Acer Swift 7 is 9.95mm thick and weighs just 890g. By comparison, the svelte Air is a hippo: it’s 16mm thick and weighs 1.29kg even though its screen is an inch smaller.

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