Is an ex sister in law considered a relative?

Is an ex sister in law considered a relative?

They are no longer part of your family. However, any children you had with your ex are still considered family to both of you. That includes relatives on both sides.

Can you call your sister in law Sis?

In laws only apply to the one who marries into that family. Your sister in law is your sister in law because she married your brother, but that’s where her family and yours stops. So as for your question, you call her by her name and your refer to her as your sister in law’s sister.

Are you still considered family after divorce?

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Divorced ends a marriage. It doesn’t, however, have to end a family. If you and your spouse work together you can create a healthy family dynamic for your children after divorce.

When you divorce are your nieces and nephews still your nieces and nephews?

Nieces and nephews are still your nieces and nephews but just not connected through your blood line. Whether you want to continue a relationship with them depends on your relationship while you were married to their blood related uncle/aunt. If you have children then the blood link is tied to that generation not you.

What do I call my ex mother-in-law?

1 Answer. You can refer to her as your ex-mother-in-law, as in this e-card and many other examples: Dear ex-mother-in-law, You were never too fond of me, but you’ll come to miss me.

Is your ex still your family?

One of the most misguided concepts divorced couples with children have is that they will actually be able to get divorced. Even after the legal dissolution and remarriage, ex-spouses who have children together will always be those children’s parents. …

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What do I call my ex mother in-law?

What do you call a divorced family?

Usage Notes. Plural: divorced families. A divorced family is often a single-parent family, if one of these family types joins with another it is called a blended family.

Can my ex-husband’s ex-wife’s sister/brother-in-law become an in-law?

There’s no strict rule, same as there’s no rule that your sister/brother-in-law cannot remain an in-law just because you divorced. – Carl Witthoft Mar 9 ’14 at 18:32. That depends whether both of you have had children together, who would have no choice as you would.

Is there such a thing as an ex in-law?

In-law status, including but not limited to brother-in-law and sister-in-law, generally is a legal status and that status is not altered by divorce or death of a spouse. There is no such thing as an ex-in-law.

Are brothers and sisters-in-law no longer called ‘in-laws’?

However, I do believe that brothers and sisters-in-law are no longer called ‘in-laws’ as the term “in-law” relates to the law of your marriage to their brother/sister. When the bond of marriage is broken with your spouse it is broken with the ‘in-laws’.

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Are your ex-spouse’s siblings’ children still your nieces or nephews?

Closed 4 years ago. If you get divorced, are your ex-spouse’s siblings’ children still your nieces or nephews? This all depends upon your view of family. Many cultures view the extended family as belonging to one side or the other.