Is Android 16 stronger than cell?

Is Android 16 stronger than cell?

Android 16 is revealed to be the most powerful of the Red Ribbon Androids, other than Cell. In Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dr. Gero stated that Android 16 himself can doom the entire planet.

Can 16 beat a cell?

With that in mind, Android 16’s sacrificial blast would have needed to obliterate Cell’s core to make his destruction complete. This would ultimately prove to be Cell’s undoing, with Super Saiyan 2 Gohan completely annihilating Cell with a Kamehameha Wave.

Does cell absorb Piccolo?

Piccolo battles Cell Piccolo’s strength is clear in this fight, he completely dominates the creature but is stunned with surprise when it shoots a Kamehameha wave at him. Distracted, Piccolo’s arm is absorbed into a sagging mound of flesh, and he admits defeat while asking it who it is and how it made it here.

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Can Android 13 Absorb cells?

Android 13 (人造人間13号, Jinzōningen Jū San-Gō, lit. “Artificial Human No. Cell notes that Android 13 may be a prototype to him, due to his ability to absorb other Androids.

Is Android 16 good or bad?

16’s last words. Android 16 is one of Dr. Gero’s Red Ribbon Androids. He was an antagonist turned supporting protagonist in the Androids arc. Apart from Cell himself, Android 16 is the strongest of all of Dr. Gero’s Androids at least prior to Dragon Ball Super.

Who was stronger 16 or Cell?

Android 16 was stronger than Cell very briefly. They were roughly equal in power after Cell absorbed a ton of humans. He was no match for Cell after he absorbed the twins.

What happened to cell in Dragon Ball Z?

The version of Cell that plays a large role in Dragon Ball Z hails from an alternate future timeline where he has already evolved to his Imperfect form. Unfortunately for him, neither Future Android 17 nor Future Android 18 are present, having already been taken out by his version of Future Trunks.

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Why did cell let Vegeta absorb Android 18?

After finding that his Semi-Perfect form is no match for his opponent, Cell convinces Vegeta to allow him to absorb Android 18 to attain the Perfect Form (which he is able to do as he appeals to Vegeta’s ego and the natural Saiyan drive to fight stronger opponents, both of which Cell is aware of, as he possesses Vegeta’s cells).

What does cell look like in his imperfect form?

In his Imperfect form, Cell has transitioned to walking upright and has a humanoid shape, but retains many insectoid features from his previous form, including his horns, beak-like mouth, three-toed feet, and segmented armor. His eyes feature slitted pupils with no visible irises and pale pink sclera.

How does cell’s personality change throughout the novel?

However, Cell’s overall personality changes drastically with each transformation. Initially, Cell is completely single-minded in the pursuit of his goals and is very cautious, sneaky, cunning, knowledgeable, and calculating in achieving his main goal of perfection.