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Is BITS Pilani as good as IIT Bombay?

Is BITS Pilani as good as IIT Bombay?

We can safely say that IITians seem to net better job offers than BITSians. When it comes to college environment and campus ambience, BITS Pilani scores over IITs. The BITS Pilani campus has a well-planned campus, libraries and hostels.

Is BITS Pilani a prestigious university?

Rankings. Internationally, BITS Pilani was ranked 1001-1200 in the QS World University Rankings for 2020. The same rankings ranked it 175 in Asia in 2020 and 96 among BRICS nations in 2019.

Is BITS better than IIT for CSE?

BITS Pilani is best for CSE college followed by IIT BHU and IIT Guwahati.

Is BITS Pilani equivalent to IIT Quora?

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BITS is not equivalent to IIT Bombay, definitely not. It is mostly considered after the 4–5 IITs like IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, and IIT Kharagpur. Bits pilani, pilani campus is better than some IIT’s. Bits Goa is comparable to some, however hyderabad has a long way to go.

Is BITS Goa better than IIT?

Bits pilani and Bits goa CSE are considered best and better than many IIT’s and nit’s. Bits provide you perfect atmosphere to inculcate knowledge with perfection. If you want just an IIT tag instead of having other option , that totally depends on your choice .

Is IIIT Bangalore better than BITS?

IIIT Bangalore is situated at a very favorable location that helps it gain several advantages….Which one is better IIIT Bangalore Mtech CS or ME CS from BITS Pilani Campus?

Institute BITS, Pilani IIIT, Bangalore
Placement Percentage 100\% 93\%

Which is better IIT Bhubaneswar or BITS Pilani?

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IIT Bhubaneswar has been ranked 17th with a score of 56.80 whereas Birla Institute Of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani has been ranked 25th with a score of 53.82 by NIRF under the Engineering College Category for the year 2019. The total fee that is to be paid in IIT BBS is around 7.91 lakhs.

Is bits better than Vit?

BITS is far better than VIT in ALL RESPECTS. All the Campuses of BITS are much better than VIT. BITS is the only Institution where entry is fully by merit.

What is the difference between BITS Pilani and new IITs?

While BITS Pilani already has an international infrastructure, excellent faculty and best placements, the new IITs are struggling on one or the other aspect. The new institutes are on a bumpy ride to achieving the levels of ‘IIT’ excellence which is evident from the latest HRD ministry data.

Why BITS Pilani is the best private engineering institute?

Although BITS Pilani is a private institute, it has earned its reputation as the top-notch private engineering institute in India. It also outperforms various IITs in terms of their performances. BITS Pilani not only offers high end education to its students, but also helps students become capable of grabbing jobs with good salary packages.

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Should I Choose BITS Pilani CSE or IIT Bhopal mech for CS?

The CS culture is very good. The non-core/IT industry placements are top notch and comparable to top IITs. So BITS Pilani CSE will definitely give you better placements than IITB Mech. As for college life, campus, rankings, research, academics; IITB is better, being a top IIT.

Which IIT has the best faculty in India?

BITS Pilani wins hands down when it comes to attracting excellent faculty from India and abroad. It offers better salary and more freedom to its teaching staff. On the other hand, faculty crunch at various IITs often become media highlights.