Is buying a Mercedes worth it in India?

Is buying a Mercedes worth it in India?

Build quality is excellent as well. However, there are a few things you need to know before you go for one. Yes, it’s a Mercedes for half the price, but what doesn’t change is service costs and spare part prices. It is a luxury brand, so a basic service every year will cost around Rs 30,000.

What Mercedes should I avoid?

Which used Mercedes-Benz models to avoid? Avoid 2004-2008 V6 and V8 models equipped with M272 and M273 engines. The first Mercedes-Benz models that had these engines were sold beginning in 2004. The early M272 engines produced around 2004, 2005,2006,2007, 2008 had some serious timing chain problems.

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How much does Mercedes-Benz cost in Germany?

The S350d 4Matic all-wheel drive models starts from €97,150 (Rs 84.79 lakh) and €99,806.40 (Rs 87.11 lakh) for the standard wheelbase and long wheelbase versions respectively. The S400d 4Matic on the other hand, will set you back by €103,994 (Rs 90.76 lakh) and €106,998.40 (Rs 93.39 lakh) in Germany respectively.

Is it worth buying a 10 year old Mercedes?

A 10-year-old Mercedes is capable of giving many years of great service, easily in excess of twenty years if well maintained. The reliability of Mercedes is determined more by the condition than age. We’ll also look at the average cost of a 10-year-old Mercedes and some buying tips.

How much should I earn to buy Mercedes?

Originally Answered: To afford entry level luxury car like Mercedes Benz in India, what should be average income? For entry level luxury cars your average income must be 50 lakh per annum. If you have got this much package then you must be giving more than 15 lakh tax.

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Are Mercedes expensive to maintain UK?

All in all, Mercedes service and maintenance costs are high, but compared to rival premium cars they are not so unfavourable.

Which country has the highest import duty on cars?

The countries with the highest import tariffs for Cars are Maldives (111\%), India (106\%), and Iran (90\%). The countries with the lowest tariffs are Mauritius (0\%), Hong Kong (0\%), Japan (0\%), Singapore (0\%), and Switzerland (0\%).

Why are import taxes so high?

Why are imports taxed heavily? Tax on imports in India are high because of India’s policy of encouraging local/homegrown industries. This is called import substitution industrialisation (ISI), a trade policy that is all about substituting imports with domestic manufacturing and production.

Is it cheaper to get a Mercedes in Germany?

If the question is about buying a car built for the German market and then shipping that car to the US, then no it is not cheaper. However, you can certainly buy a Mercedes built for the US market in Germany quite a bit cheaper than you can buy the same car at a US dealership.