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Is DTU better than NIT Delhi?

Is DTU better than NIT Delhi?

So, according to the past statistics of both the Colleges DTU is the better option. During placements, DTU has better chances of getting placed and offers high packages and other good companies also visits NIT delhi. Life will be much better in DTU when compared to NIT delhi and the coaching will be awesome there.

Is DTU better than top NITs?

Everyone who appears for Joint Entrance Exam (MAIN) and figures that they have done no good in it, they come to choose between NITs and DTU. To be honest and to answer in a nutshell, Delhi Technological University is far better than National Institutes of Technology.

Which branch is best in NIT Delhi?

NIT Delhi Placements 2020: Past Trends In year 2020, CSE was the most sought-after branch for recruiters with 98\% placement percentage. Amazon gave the highest package of Rs 39 LPA to one of the CSE students. After CSE, ECE branch was second-most recruited branch of all the seasons.

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Is NIT Delhi better than nsit?

When it comes to comparing between these colleges, you should know that NIT Delhi is not in the same leagues as NSIT and DTU. If you are interested in computer-related placements, NSIT has better placements as it has low competition and better proximity to Gurgaon.

Is IIT Delhi better than DTU?

Campus : The campus of DTU is smaller than IIT D but it is better in infrastructure and more lush green than IIT D. Placements : Placements in DTU is not far away from IIT D. It depends on your hardwork rather than the brand of either colleges. You can get a great placement or no placement depending upon your hardwork.

Is Du better than DTU?

The choice of college depends on your interest, if you are interested in B. Tech, then you should obviously opt for DTU whereas if you are interested in pure science or arts courses like B.Sc Or B.A. you should opt for DU. Since B. Tech can give you a direct job after your 4 year course, you should opt for B.

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What is the average package of ECE in DTU?

ECE, the placement rate is around 95\%, and the average salary package offered was 13 LPA. The highest salary package offered in our branch was 49 LPA.

Which is better ECE at nsit or DTU?

Both the colleges are equally good for ECE. As far as placements are concerned, the highest package at NSIT till date is Rs. 1.25 Crore . The highest package at DTU till date is Rs.

Which NIT is best for ECE?

Top NIT for B Tech in ECE

ECE Seat JEE MAIN Cut off
NITs State State
NIT Warangal 21 5274 to 5560
NIT Surathkal 19 1552 to 7875
NIT Calicut 28 6252 to 19827

What is the difference between NIT Delhi and DTU Chandigarh?

NIT Delhi has 3 branches while DTU offer around 9–10. The cut-off of DTU are better with closing at 10k for the lowest Branch. Think a student getting 10K rank could get ECE and even CSE but he opts for environmental at DTU. For top Branches cutoffs may overlap and CSE being better in home state NIT. Chandigarh students also have Quota in NIT d…

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Which one is better DTU or NIT or IIIT?

DTU and IIIT are the newbies and they have established themselves as reputed in short span of time. Check the statistics presented by various critics before you choose DTU, NIT or IIIT. DTU is the most preferred by the students of North India, NITs and IIITs have fan followings from all parts of the country owing to many branches they have.

What are the best branches at DTU Delhi?

Best Branches: DTU is known for three of its branches which are Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic and Communication Engineering. NIT’s best branches are CSE (placement wise), Mechanical (Faculty) and Biotechnology (emerging branch). Quality of education: No matter how old or new a college is,…

What is the difference between DTU and NIT Tiruchirappalli in rank and placement?

Ranking: The best NIT that is NIT Tiruchirappalli has been ranked as 11 by NIFR ranking while the rank of DTU by NIFR is 39. Placement: DTU has been ranked third in placement in the year 2017 while NIT has been ranked 7 th and when I am saying NIT, I am referring to the top NIT and that is Tiruchirappalli.