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Is it compulsory to pass in all 6 subjects in CBSE?

Is it compulsory to pass in all 6 subjects in CBSE?

Q5. Is it compulsory to give the 6th subject exam if I have opted for it? Yes, it is compulsory to write the 6th subject exam if you have opted for it. However, the marks in your 6th subject are not counted in your percentage calculation if you score less in it or fail.

Can I give compartment in 2 subjects?

Students can write Compartments for only 2 subjects,but it will definitely hamper your future. Just a fact,Compartments are 25-30\% tougher than Boards,so prepare well.

What if I fail in 3 subjects?

As per the rule you have to reappear all the theory subjects but your practical marks will be carried forward.

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Does failing a subject affect your GPA?

The fail grade will remain on your academic transcript and is included in your GPA calculation. You may be eligible to apply for removal of grades and/or remission of tuition fees if: you have experienced exceptional circumstances, and. can provide documentary evidence.

What is best of 4 rule in CBSE?

1. All subjects to be included in the calculation of ‘Best Four’ must have at least 70\% theory component of examination. In case the subject to be considered does not have at least 70\% theory component, then the marks obtained in theory and practical shall be converted to 70\% and 30\% respectively, on pro rata basis.

How many students fail all subjects?


Passed in all subject 167
Failed in all subject 60
Failed in social science 175
Failed in mathematics 199
Failed in science 191

What happens if I fail in two subjects in 12th standard?

If you fail in two or more subjects you are declared as failed and you will have to repeat 12th standard. As per the rules of CBSE if you pass in 5 subjects (main subjects) out 6 and failed in 1 (optional) then it will be okay but it will ruin the beauty of your marksheet.

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Is it okay to pass in only one subject in CBSE?

Yes, it will be okay bcz CBSE consider those students pass who pass in five subjects but why do you think that you will fail, be positive. Don’t worry board exams are not tough and if you will study hard then it’s not a big deal to pass in one subject.

What happens if I fail in 5 subjects and fail in one?

If you passed in 5 subject and failed in one. In accordance with CBSE rule and regulations if you passed in any five subject and failed in one that’s means you’re passed. Yes, but then you will have to appear for the compartmental examination that gets conducted in the same academic year after proper registration process for the same.

What happens if I fail Maths in 10th class?

Fail in maths. Final result-fail. Also, you will be disqualified for the fail subject. That means, you cannot claim admission in a university for the failed subject if you pass other subjects and pass overall. Second, you shall still be able to play professional sports and demand sports quota if you fail P.E. It simply does not count.