Is it rude to ask someone to repeat themselves?

Is it rude to ask someone to repeat themselves?

5 Answers. Most native speakers of English will only ask for a repeat once or twice, and after that will pretend they understood, so as not to appear rude.

How do you politely ask someone to repeat themselves?

How to Politely Ask Someone to Repeat Something

  1. Sorry, I didn’t catch that.
  2. Could you please repeat that?
  3. I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Could you repeat that, please?
  4. Let me repeat that just to make sure?
  5. Would you mind repeating that?
  6. Pardon?
  7. Sorry.
  8. Excuse me?

Why do some people repeat themselves multiple times in a conversation?

Repeated stories often represent highly significant memories. The person may repeat themselves because they want to communicate and cannot find anything else to say. The person might have become ‘stuck’ on a particular word, phrase or action. The person might be bored and under-occupied.

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What should you say if you want to ask someone to repeat words?

To ask someone to repeat, you can either say, “Sorry. I didn’t quite hear what you said” , or “Sorry. I didn’t quite _____ what you said.”

What do you call a person who constantly repeats themselves?

Echolalia is a psychiatric term that’s used to describe what some people with mental disorders or autism tend to do, automatically repeat what they hear other people say. There’s no meaning intended in echolalia — it’s simply a mechanical echoing of sounds.

How do you politely ask someone again?

Ways of asking someone to say something again – thesaurus

  1. I’m sorry. phrase. used for politely asking someone to repeat something that they have said.
  2. pardon me. phrase.
  3. excuse me. phrase.
  4. come again? phrase.
  5. what. adverb.
  6. I beg your pardon. phrase.
  7. run that by me again. phrasal verb.
  8. again. adverb.

Is it correct to say repeat again?

It is absolutely correct to use “repeat again”, as it is being used to ask for a repetition for something being already repeated. It is absolutely fine! However, you can’t “return back”, as “return” itself mean “to come or go back”.

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How do you say can you repeat please?

Here are some general phrases you can use to ask someone, politely, to repeat what they said: Sorry, I didn’t quite catch what you said. Can you say that again? Could you repeat what you just said for me, I didn’t understand.

Do narcissists repeat themselves?

Not only do narcissists repeat themselves but their comments are often blunt, antagonistic and demeaning. Narcissists love gossip and telling out right lies is not beneath them. Grandiosity and self referential comments are often part of the narcissist ‘s speech.

Can you repeat once again?

Why do I repeat myself over and over?

Common Repeating in OCD Repeating may be done to assuage a fear. Someone may repeat something they were saying to the themselves over and over because they were are worried it didn’t come out correctly. They may repeat themselves to a person they were speaking to, worried that they did not understand.