Is Jadavpur University good for food technology?

Is Jadavpur University good for food technology?

Excellence in education, practical knowledge as well as placements. Placements: Placements in JU BE FTBE are like any other core stream at Jadavpur University. The highest package offered by companies goes up to 9 LPA (and increasing every year). As far as placement percentage is concerned, it is 100\%.

Which companies come to Jadavpur University for placement?

Jadavpur University BTech Placements 2021
BTech Specialisation Average Salary Batch Strength
CSE INR 15.5 LPA 63
IT INR 13.5 LPA 74
Electronics & Telecommunication INR 9.2 LPA 76

What is the placement in Jadavpur University?

Jadavpur University Branch and Specialization Wise Placement Offered

Course Percentage of Students Placed Average CTC (INR in lakhs per annum)
Information Technology 81.25 12.34
Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering 89.74 8.52
Mechanical Engineering 86.59 5.7
Metallurgical Engineering 53.33 6.1
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What subjects are required for biochemical engineering?

Requirements to Become a Biochemical Engineer For kick-starting a career in Biochemical engineering, you need to complete your 10+2 level of studies with BiPC subjects (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry) along with Maths.

What is BTech food technology?

BTech Food Technology is a 4-year undergraduate course divided in 8 semesters that deals with the study of Food processing, preservation techniques, and applications of food engineering used in the food industry to increase the shelf life of the product.

Is Jadavpur good for btech?

It is one of the best colleges to study with placements, educated teachers and good infrastructure. Placements: About 85\% of the students from our course got a job in the final semester. The highest salary package offered was 15 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered was 6 LPA.

Is biochemical engineering a good career?

Biomedical engineering is a booming career field as health and technology are coming together to revolutionize the field of medicine. With the growing health consciousness in India, biomedical engineering is becoming one of the most enviable and sought-after career.

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What do after biochemical engineering?

A biochemical engineer can find jobs in following areas: Textile Manufacturing Companies. Health Care Sector. Paper Manufacturing Industry. Water Treatment Plants.

Is Food Science hard?

It’s not as hard as a chemistry degree but it’s harder than an English degree in terms of how much science you need to know. You have to have some science and logical skill so if you did not excel in this in high school, then it might not be for you.