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Is SRM ramapuram campus good for CSE?

Is SRM ramapuram campus good for CSE?

Placements at SRM are very good, more than 2000 companies visited our college that helped almost all the students to get placed. Till now around 95\% students got placed in campus. Highest salary is 41 lpa by Microsoft to a cse student. Average package at our college is 4 lpa.

Is it worth joining SRM ramapuram?

I would highly recommend joining this campus as it is very good for placements. Placements: The campus has a good percentage of placements. Above 85\% of the students got placed from college. The highest salary package offered was 41 LPA and the average salary package offered was 3.5 LPA.

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Is SRM ramapuram good for placements?

Placement Experience : The placement is good in our college. The average package being around 3-4 lakh and the highest package was around 41lpa. The companies that visit are Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL etc. The highest package was offered by Microsoft followed by Udaan and Barclays.

Is SRM ramapuram campus good for CSE Quora?

The average CGPA of our campus is better than the others. OPTIMUM is the word I would use to describe the Ramapuram campus. It has a moderate library, decent sized laboratories such as Manufacturing lab, Heat Power Lab, Hydraulic lab, Automation Lab (I only know labs of my department).

Which one is better SRM kattankulathur or ramapuram?

Kattankulathur campus is termed as main campus of SRM UNIVERSITY. The institute’s infrastructure is standing on a very vast area of land in comparison to RAMAPURAM campus. In terms of exposure,yes kattankulathur is better as I justified that it is more diverse than RAMAPURAM. Hope this information is helpful for you.

Which is best SRM kattankulathur or ramapuram?

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Is SRM CSE good Quora?

Placements are very good as compared to colleges other than IIT’s and NIT’s. Hostels are way better than other colleges. Students from CSE/IT in particular get a lot of opportunities for internships as well as placements.

Is SRM ramapuram worth joining Quora?

Is SRM ramapuram campus good Quora?

If you look for glamour and fun,SRM Ramapuram is a no go. But if you really want to make something out of your life,while staying within the limits,SRM ramapuram is better. No matter which campus you study in, for placements you’ll have to come down to main campus (Kattankulathur).

Does SRM give internship?

Our curriculum is beautifully designed by experts from industry & academia. We have CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) & our internship Program that ensures that every student has spent over 7 months (2 months after 4th Semester & 5 months after 7th Semester) working in industry even before graduation.

What is the placement of SRM University Ramapuram in CSE?

Placements: SRM University Ramapuram, B. Tech CSE: Average placement rate around 100\% The highest package offered is INR 41 lakhs LPA with an average salary of INR 4-5 LPA.

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Is SRM Ramapuram approved by AICTE?

SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRM IST) Ramapuram Campus, formerly known as SRM University was established in 2004. It is located in Ramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. SRM Ramapuram has been approved by UGC and AICTE. SRM Ramapuram has been accredited by NAAC with the highest grade of A++.

What is the average salary package of SRM University Chennai?

Their highest salary package was 42 lakhs per year and the average salary package was 5-6 LPA. SRM University, Chennai is also offering a good salary package that is 4-5 LPA (average package). The highest CTC received by the students is 41 LPA.

What is the average package of internships offered to CSE students?

The internships offers will start from the 3rd year for CSE students. There are many companies visiting yearly but the average offers will be like 6-7 lakhs per annum. The highest package is 30 lakhs per annum in 2020.