Is the Hound stronger than Jaime?

Is the Hound stronger than Jaime?

– Next, Jaime is strong. Not as strong as The Hound, but in his fight with Brienne Jaime talks about his strength and Brienne later realises that even though he was hugely malnourished, he nearly beat her down.

Can Jaime defeat the mountain?

Jaime is weaker than the Hound, but he has enough strength, experience, training and raw talent to defeat the Mountain.

Is Jon Snow a better swordsman than Jaime Lannister?

From the start of Game of Thrones, it was established that Jaime Lannister was one of the best living swordsmen. With Jaime missing his sword hand and Barristan dying in season 5, then the title of best swordsman in Game of Thrones would have gone to Jon Snow.

How good was Jaime Lannister with both hands?

Jaime Lannister with both hands would be the best swordsman alive in Westeros, Ser Jaime is extremely skilled.

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Who were the 3 men who could beat Jaime Lannister?

Originally Answered: Jamie Lannister Said to Brienne of Tarth that there are 3 fighters in Westeros that could beat him in a swordfight….People who I think can be considered:

  • Barristan Selmy.
  • Gregor Clegane.
  • Sandor Clegane.
  • Garlan Tyrell.
  • (MAYBE Oberyn Martell)
  • Brynden Tully.

Is the Hound a giant?

His size (in the novels he is 6’8″, or 2 m and over 300 lbs, or 140 kg) and strength make him an imposing figure, though he is not even as large as his brother Gregor.

Could Jaime beat Arthur Dayne?

Arthur Dayne would win, as he has been touted as the greatest swordsman of his time, and wields a Valyrian sword unlike Jaime. Unlike Jaime who could only hold his own against the Smiling Knight, Ser Arthur was able to actually defeat him. So sure, Dayne would win. …

Can Khal Drogo beat Jaime Lannister?

Jaime Lannister would win. Drogo uses an arakh as his primary weapon, and moves in a circular fashion. The blade of the arakh is curved as well, mandating the swinging of the weapon, as opposed to stabbing or slicing in the opposite direction.