Is there any probation period in railway?

Is there any probation period in railway?

The period of probation is 2 years in the case of Indian Railway Accounts Service, Indian Railway Personnel Service and the Indian Railway Medical Service and 3 years in the case of all other services.

What is the training period of RRB je?

A 52 week induction programme with institutional training in two phases training has been approved for all categories of directly recruited Supervisors. The induction programme includes 8 weeks of field training and 14 weeks of Attachment/on the job experience.

What is probation period in government job?

Probation period is a period of engaging an employee to test his/her performance on the suitability of a position. If an employee’s performance is found to be unsatisfactory, the employer can terminate the employee’s services and the same cannot be construed illegal.

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Is RRB JE permanent job?

JE (Permanent Way) is a supervisor in the Civil Engineering (Permanent Way) department of Railways. It is also referred as the Open Line in Indian Railways. He will be the in charge of a section of track (approximately 50-60 kms in length) stretching over a couple of stations.

How does Railway get its finance?

The finances are allocated from government treasury and what ever revenue it earns is deposited to government treasury only. It is treated as a part of government and even the appointment, recruitment and selection of employees is done in the same way as that of civil servant.

What is railway PNM?

ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF PERMANENT NEGOTIATING. MACHINERY (PNM) ON INDIAN RAILWAYS. The antecedents of the negotiating machinery in Indian Railways may. be traced back to 1922 when in an effort to provide a means of discus.

Which is highest post in railway?

At the apex level of the Ministry of Railways, Member Staff is the highest level post, who is ex-officio Secretary to Government of India.

What is the in-hand salary of RRB je?

The RRB JE In-hand salary for the Training period is INR 35,400, and after permanent selection, the salary will be INR 42,000.

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How long is probation period?

Probation periods commonly last for three months, six months, or a year. It’s usually a fixed period of time at the beginning of the employment relationship, during which the new employee is exempt from some contractual items. Most significantly, employees on probation can be let go without the standard notice period.

What happens after 3 month probation period?

What happens after a probation period? The full obligations of your contract come into effect, including your notice period. If the employer withheld certain benefits during probation, you’ll become entitled to them.

Is RRB JE gazetted post?

4200in Group B (Non-Gazetted) as in the case of Ministry of Defence and CPWD etc where Junior Engineers (JE) in Grade Pay of Rs. 4200 have been classified in Group B (Non-Gazetted). Railway Board had long back agreed with the two Federations to upgrade the posts in the Grade Pay of Rs.

What is Railway JE salary?

The RRB JE basic pay is Rs. 35,400/- per month….RRB JE Salary After 7th Pay Commission.

RRB JE Posts RRB JE Salary
Pay Scale Band(Current Salary) INR 29300 – 34800
Grade Pay(Current Salary) INR 4,200
Pay Band(VI CPC) INR 29300 – 34800

What is the salary during the probation period of Je in RVUNL?

Rs. 23,700/- pm is the Salary during the probation period of JE in RVUNL Notification 2021. 3. What are the allowances provided for RVUNL JE 2021 Salary?

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What is the RRB Je 2021 recruitment process?

The main objective of the RRB JE Recruitment process is to select candidates of exceptional acumen and robust fitness are recruited for the various technical posts in the Indian Railways. The Recruitment board has not yet released any official notification for the Junior Engineer 2021 recruitment.

What is the salary of RRB je after training?

The selected candidates will receive a Rs 34,500 salary in hand. When the candidates complete the training period, they are eligible for allowances such as HRA and TA & other incentives. For the candidates who work as JE in Railways, RRB JE pay scale is around Rs 42,000 per month after the RRB JE training period.

What is the RRB Je exam date for 2019?

The Railway Recruitment Board released the RRB JE exam date for the year 2019 along with the notification. According to the exam calendar, the RRB JE 2019 exams are scheduled to begin between April and May 2019. The details of the RRB JE Exam are given below: