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Is vitiate stronger than Palpatine?

Is vitiate stronger than Palpatine?

Palpatine is a master duelist and is confirmed to be more powerful than Vitiate.

Can Palpatine make black holes?

Sidious can not create black holes instead he can create force storms powerful enough to wreck planets outright.

Is Palpatine stronger than Valkorion?

In terms of feats, Valkorion seems better but Palpatine is supposedly more powerful than any Sith before him.

Is Grandmaster Luke stronger than Sidious?

Legends Luke is WAY more powerful than Sidious. Luke can even drag starships from space to the planet. Luke could grab a black hole with the Force. No way Sidious has a chance against such God-like power.

Who kills Vitiate?

Vitiate dies and was killed by the hero of tython although that is just vitiate. Vitiate carries on living in another host named valkorion, and becomes far superior to his former self. He is defeated when he is stabbed through the back by the outlander, but he manages to live on inside the outlander.

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Is Vitiate the most powerful Sith ever?

Vitiate was one of, if not the most powerful Sith of all time. He was a master of Essence Transfer, moreso than even Sidious, who was reliant on clone bodies to cheat death.

Is hyperspace a wormhole?

A hyperspace wormhole was a tunnel in hyperspace itself that connected two realspace locations to one another. Though a rare sight, they were sometimes able to be used as a shortcut, allowing for faster than normal travel. The use of a gravitic polarization beam could create hyperspace wormholes.

Is vitiate still alive?

After Marka Ragnos died, and the Sith Empire lost the Great Hyperspace War against the Galactic Republic, Lord Vitiate called all living Sith Lords to his world to perform a ritual to wipe out the Republic….Vitiate.

Biographical information
Birth 1460 BTC 5113 BBY
Death 3630 BBY (final death)
Status Deceased

Was vitiate the Sith Ari?

Many Sith Lords were selected as candidates for the title of the Sith’ari. These Sith Lords include: Sidious, Vader, Bane, Revan, Andeddu and Vitiate among others. The Sith’ari must be the most powerful Dark Side user to have ever existed.

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Is Grogu the chosen one?

He cites the fact that he is the Chosen One and explains to him that both light and darkness are necessary in this galaxy. After all, Grogu’s power to Force heal (on Karga) is a rare skill for the light side force users. Interestingly the Star Ward book links it to the Force Dyads.

What was Rey’s Midichlorian count?

Originally Answered: Hypothetically, what do you estimate is Rey’s midi chlorian count? 14,000 midichlorians. Anakin had over 20,000 midichlorians and his children had 18,000 each.