Should I attempt extra questions in Bitsat?

Should I attempt extra questions in Bitsat?

According to the brochure: Further, once the candidate has opted for extra questions, he cannot go back for correction of any of the earlier answered 150 questions.” You need to attempt all 150 questions. You cannot leave any question blank. You will not be given any extra time to solve these 12 questions.

Are Bitsat bonus questions hard?

·This extra 12 questions according to BITS should be bit tougher…. On the other hand almost every Bitsian who has got a score of 350+( very good chance of getting a Computer Science or EEE degree) claim to have attempted these extra 12 questions and found them to be quite easy.

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Can we skip questions in Bitsat?

While the candidate can skip a question, the computer will not allow the candidate to choose more than one option as correct answer. There will be 150 questions in all. There is no time limit for individual parts of the test. You are free to go back & forth to change any of your answers among the 150 questions.

Can you revisit questions in Bitsat?

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2022 – Highlights The candidate can go back and change any of his/her answers among the 150 questions.

Can you score more than 450 in BITSAT?

Highlights: There is a possibility to score 486 marks out of 450 marks (108\% marks) in BITSAT exam. Opt for 12 extra questions after you have solved all the 150 regular BITSAT questions. Once you choose to solve additional questions, you cannot go back to regular questions and correct them.

What is bonus section in BITSAT?

Bonus questions are unlocked after you complete answering the main section (150 questions). Once you choose to answer the bonus section, you cannot go back to the main section. There are 12 questions in bonus section containing 3 marks each. I guess there are 4 questions each from physics, chem and math.

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How can I get 330+ in BITSAT?

Tips to Score 330+ in BITSAT

  1. Learning More about BITSAT.
  2. The Best Tips for Scoring 330+ in BITSAT.
  3. Go Through the Syllabus and Identity Your Strong Areas.
  4. Complete the Entire Syllabus.
  5. Attempt Questions.
  6. Solve the Previous Year Questions.
  7. Take Mock Tests.
  8. Remain Calm.

Which option is mostly correct in BITSAT?

The most important out of all the BITSAT tips and tricks is and most efficient is time management. Only those who are able to solve questions accurately and quickly are the ones who grab the baton. Such is not the case in JEE because the questions are less than half of that in BITSAT.

Which bit has the highest weightage?

BITSAT 2021 Chemistry Syllabus. There are 40 questions in the Chemistry section from subjects of NCERT Class XI and XII Science Syllabus. Basic Concepts of Chemistry and p Block components hold the greatest weightage in BITSAT Chemistry Syllabus.

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Which shift is easy in BITSAT?

According to the candidates who participated in the fourth shift of the BITSAT 2021 exam, the difficulty level of the exam was easy to moderate.