What are the bad effects of Moon and Ketu conjunction in horoscope?

What are the bad effects of Moon and Ketu conjunction in horoscope?

Negative Traits/Impact: It happens quite often that Ketu conjunct Moon natives may not have a good relationship with their mother. The mother of these natives may be spiritual, but they may not be at good terms with their offsprings. In fact, the natives may not be happy in their domestic life.

Is Moon Ketu conjunction good?

Meaning of Moon-Ketu Conjunction – Moon is Mother. Ketu is Isolation & Separation. So, 1st indication we get from this conjunction is someone who might be separated from Mother. Even if they are not physically separated, they may have great differences of opinion with Mother or Mother may not be good health-wise.

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What happens when Moon and Ketu are together?

When Ketu and the Moon are in conjunction, the mind becomes isolated and separate from the physical body and the rest of the world. The mind is forced to let go of attachment after many disappointments. They will analyze a situation in their life until their head hurts.

What is the effect of Ketu in 9th house?

The placement will increase the respect and feel for the mother and mother’s family. However, the Ketu in the 9th house is going to bring health issues like back pain and urinary issues. At the time, the natives also experience the unnatural death of their son. The natives are likely to enhance one’s wealth and riches.

Is Ketu enemy of Moon?

Sun, Moon, and Mars are Ketu’s enemies.

Which house tells about husband?

7th house of the native chart is the lord of Love and matrimonial harmony. It also signifies love and marriage. This house also provides information about the physical appearance, complexion and nature of your husband.

Which house is bad for Ketu?

When Ketu is placed in the 7th house, it is considered as an inauspicious placement. This unfavorable placement is likely to create many problems including bad health and wealth.

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Which are the good houses for Ketu?

Ketu in 12th house is by far the best position for Ketu, as it promises enlightenment by making this the last life for the native, gives them the psychic ability and spiritual powers that might be hidden until the age of 42.

Is Ketu exalted in Sagittarius?

Exaltation and Debilitation: This has been a debatable point in astrology, as per BPHS Ketu is exalted in the sign of Scorpio and debilitated in Taurus, however, many astrologers have disputed this and most modern astrologers now seem to agree that Ketu is exalted in Sagittarius and debilitated in Gemini.

Which God represents Ketu?

Ketu Astrological significance

General Characteristics Of Ketu
Day Tuesday
God / Deity Lord Bhairav (An Incarnation of Shiva)
Gemstone Lehsuniya
Finger Ring

What is the significance of Ketu in the 9th house in astrology?

According to Vedic Astrology, planet Ketu in 9th house from lagna (ascendant) in birth or navamsa chart of horoscope has mixed result for both male & female of all 12 ascendants. In kundli ninth house signifies father, fortune, long travel, spiritual value, religious inclination, faith, divine, pilgrimage, higher education etc.

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What is the effect of Moon in 9th house in Vedic astrology?

Generally moon in 9th house shows that the native is more emotionaly attached to his/her father, but since ketu is involved the qualities of moon get sucked by ketu, ketu does not give the results of the house and the planets it is conjunct.

What are the effects of Moon and Ketu combination in horoscope?

Peoples with Moon and ketu combination in horoscope thinks very much aimlessly and generally takes wrong decisions. Males and females with Moon and Ketu Conjunctions are most prone to have phobias, mental issues, many a times supernatural affliction if bad transit or malefic dasa is on.

Is Ketu in 1st house from lagna good or bad in horoscope?

As per vedic astrology, planet Ketu in 1st house from lagna (asendant) in birth or navamsa chart in horoscope is not good position for both man and woman of all ascendant’s. However, aspect of benefic will reduce many bad effects of ketu in lagna or ascendant.